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Matilda’s book reviews – Winnie the Pooh and the trouble with bees

Matilda took a little break from reviewing books while we were on holiday (I did argue that every day is a holiday for her but she wouldn’t listen), but now we’re back home we’re back being obsessed with books again!

Baby products that have some sort of TV or cartoon character on them are almost guaranteed to have me running for the hills. I really just don’t get why you’d want that for your child. However I do have a little soft spot for Winnie the Pooh, albeit mainly the books and this one is no exception. So for this latest book review from Matilda I give you Winnie the Pooh and the trouble with bees

It was a random find in a local bookshop, one of these places selling books at knock down prices and is now one of our firm favourites. In fact I’d say it’s more of a favourite with the lady of the manor that Matilda which is saying something.

The lady of the manor loves the words that rhyme and flow beautifully, a happy bouncy bit of prose that is fun to read. Her favourite page is “seven bees buzzing followed by Pooh, they bumble and tumble and whizz past Roo”. A really simple concept of counting down from 10 to 1 with all your favourite Winnie the Pooh characters involved. It feels like a book that is perfect for the next stage of reading after bright colourful touchy feely books that seem to be the norm for 1 year olds.

Matilda loves the ‘bees’ that are on each page in the white circles, she likes to touch and feel them and then watch as one magically disappears as you turn the page. She loves spotting the characters on each page and I think enjoys the way the rhyme sounds, certainly she laughs at me, but of course that could be for many reasons.

So a big thumbs up for this book, a great one to add to the collection and one I think will get read for many years even once she can read herself.


  1. T and I absolutely love this book! It’s got such great rhythm. We were given it by my husband’s company when she was born. Her grandmother’s just been reading it to her, in fact!

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