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Matilda’s book reviews – If I were a duck and Good Egg

I’m reliably informed (although reliably by a man that used to write about cats, so how reliable is that) that my rant below is actually wrong and the book’s publisher is right. Well that may be so but I’m sticking to my guns, If I were a duck just doesn’t sound right and what’s more just makes me want to say it in a west country accent.

Last week was week 3 of these book review posts and I ‘may’ have failed to post anything, I did have a good excuse though what with being on a plane on the way back from California and all. I have to say though I am very disappointed that none of you my adoring readers pointed out this fact.

So this week I am giving you not one but two reviews because I’m just that kind of guy.

If I were a duck

First up is If I were a duck and in a change from all the reviews I have done so far this one is not a good one. Matilda loves it, it has furry bits on the page to touch, what toddler wouldn’t like it? The book is sweet in the way it tells you about all the things you could do if you were  duck and has nice bright pictures  again great for Matilda.

But I despise this book for one very simple reason; the name. Just because it’s aimed at under 2’s I don’t see that as a good reason for bad grammar. Why not call it if I WAS a duck? It still works, there is no rhyming or anything that would be upset. It’s simply poor to publish a book with such poor English. I may just be being picky but these things grate and I can feel the anger boiling up whenever Matilda trots over with it.

Aaaannnddd breath. Rant over.

Good egg

The second book however is a firm favourite with both of us, good egg by Barney Saltzberg is as you might have guessed is about an egg. Each page has the egg doing different things like sit, roll over, shake with cardboard pulls on each page to make the egg do those things. Matilda is obsessed with roll over, it’s the first page she turns to every time, unfortunately she also pulls the egg off the page every time as well. That’s not so fun.

But it’s a fun book, simple concept with movement on every page and helps teach your child what each action means. This one can stay on the book shelf, the first one however may well get lost somewhere.


  1. I dont have either of these books but may look for good egg as both my children like pulley bits. I like your book review bit on this blog, gives me ideas for good books to read to ny two. We are huge Julia Donaldson fans in my house, my 17 month olds current fave is Toddle Waddle.

    • I’m glad someone finds it useful 🙂 I don’t think we have any Julia Donaldson books so will have to check her out, so far we’re mainly inflicting our favourite on her!

  2. Umm, sorry but as a grammar geek I have to agree that “If I were” *is* correct. I can see why it sounds wrong though. Good Egg looks very cute!

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