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Listography – Top 5 songs I grew up with

I’ve been meaning to join up with the Listography this week but hadn’t got around to getting the post written, but reading all the other entries has given me the push I needed. The idea is to choose the 5 songs that we listened to and sang along to as children. Now I don’t really remember music being a very big part of my life while at primary school, all I remember are the story tapes we listened too while driving to Scotland or Devon for holiday. They were truly fab, but no doubt drove my parents mad listening to them over and over again.

However when I went to secondary school I fell in love with music like all soon to be teenagers do. Some choices showed excellent taste and judgement, others well, not so much. So here in all their glory are my 5 songs that remind me of being a child (which is pretty much the same as songs I grew up with right?)

1 – The Bluebells – Young at heart

This song was massive when I was just beginning big school and was on the very first now album I bought on double tape with one of those back to back tape cases. Absolutely loved this song, fun to dance to and being a fast song no pressure to try and dance with a girl.

2 – 4 non blondes – what’s up

I knew every single word to this song (still do I think) and did a mean guitar impression using a tennis racket also. In my head I looked and sounded great, in reality I would have definitely got through to face the judges on the Xfactor as a freak show.

3 – N Trance – set you free

I only have to hear the rain at the start of this album to take me back to being a 13 year old again, then at university attending 90’s nights at clubs and dancing like a crazy man (notice a theme here? Dad dancing started early, I’m so cool)

4 – Fun Lovin Criminals – Scooby Snacks

Not only does it contain clips from two of the greatest films of all time in Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs it also is written by one of the coolest men alive. Great album, the first CD I ever bought I think.

5 – Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby

Oh yes I was one of THOSE people, the ones that got the crazy pink dude to christmas no.1 and you know what? If it’s a choice between him and some Xfactor crap I’d do it all again. Plus Noel’s House Party was awesome Saturday night TV. In case this piece of TV gold passed you by here it is in all it’s glory


  1. 4 Non Blondes, What’s Up! Totally forgot about that song, I used to love it! Thanks for the blast from the past… 🙂 Mr Blobby though?! Oh dear lol

  2. Jackie Katsianas

    September 9, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Oh my goodness, I had completely forgotten there was such a thing as Mr Blobby.
    What a strange thing that was…
    (Visiting via Kate’s linky)

  3. Used to love 4 non blondes – but Mr. Blobby? Not so much… Kudos to you for admitting it though – now just watch those follower numbers fall..

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