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The Gallery – Sport

You might look at this photo and see a little girl in a paddling pool, but you’d be wrong.No this is a future triathlete practising her transition from the swim to the run. Getting used to the feeling of having to run in wet clothes. Learning how to unzip the front to provide some ventilation and cool down when she needs it. Oh and that’s not a toy she’s holding, that’s the marker she has to swim around in the pool.

Or I may just be a dad a little carried away with the Olympics and day dreaming about what his daughter could achieve one day.

This is my entry for this weeks Gallery, you can find the rest here.

P.S I can’t take credit for the photo, the Lady of the Manor actually took it which is a miracle in itself.


  1. beautiful photo. the olympics is about dreams – I totally agree there is a triathlete right there!

  2. Nicola Carpenter

    August 8, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Fabulous post. It’s wonderful to dream about the future stretched out before our children. Lovely picture.

  3. I see a Triatehlete too!! Great photo 🙂

  4. lol that made me giggle. Great photo

  5. Such a beautiful photo x

  6. Steady on Dad!But there is no harm in dreaming…

  7. Your Lady of thee Manor did a great job, What a pretty picture!

  8. Molly @ Mother's Always Right

    August 9, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Love her outfit! I think we’re all guilty of being inspired by The Olympics. I’ve had moments where I’ve seriously considered taking up athletics. Or cycling. Or (the other day) rowing. And then I’ve woken up and realised that’s a ridiculous idea. I’m far better at the odd meander to the pub, where I excel at the sport of drinking wine.

    • I actually wish she was a few years older to be inspired herself, but for me it’s just realising the potential our children have and that it doesn’t just have to be about the regular team sports

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photo. And I can totally see that she’s preparing for future triathlon glory!

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