Mutterings of a Fool

Man, Dad, Runner, Chief dog walker

I lie in bed at night and I dream about

I lie in bed at night and I dream about,

a quiet street with trees and singing birds,

away from the boy racers and honking horns,

where you don’t need to shout DON’T PARK ON THE KERB.


A garden big enough for fruit and veg,

with a view of fields and sky and hills,

not house after house, wall after wall

idiots stealing things for cheap thrills.


A driveway and garage for 2 cars or more

Where little children go and learn to ride,

no passing traffic whizzing down the road,

and neighbours keeping their gardens with pride


I lie in be at night and I dream about,

a quiet and simple life,

is this too much for one man to have?


*goes off to buy Euromillions ticket*


  1. OOoh I might put you in a room with my boy – you can be grumpy old men together! (only joking)

  2. But be careful waht you wish for, it may just come true 🙂 And the countryside at times can ba a little too quiet, unless of course you live near us!!

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