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Reasons to be cheerful – the H edition

I haven’t taken part in this linky for a good few months, in fact I haven’t really done any linkys. It’s been hard enough keeping up with other posts after Henry was born but I decided that it was finally time that I took part in this one again.

The theme this week is H and although we don’t have to keep to the theme I quite like the idea of thinking about reasons connected to a letter. Plus H is actually a pretty apt letter for me this week.

I have 2 reasons to be cheerful this week;

First Henry who seems to be really settling down and starting to find a routine which is not bad for 8 weeks. Not only that he is turning into somewhat of a chubby chap and is now a mighty 12lb 5oz, a whole 1lb 9oz heavier in 2 weeks. It’s been a struggle getting to this stage but the lady of the manor has been amazing and so glad that she managed to get through those tough weeks.

My second H is hugs, Matilda has all of a sudden become quite cuddly in complete contrast to the stubbornly independent girl we’ve experienced so far. It really is quite lovely and this morning on my work from home day we had 30 minutes after breakfast just sitting and reading books. Was heavenly (look another H!). This week at the childminders apparently she spent most of the day hugging and kissing her friends that are there on the same day, so sweet.

You can see all the other reasons to be cheerful this week by popping over to Michelle’s blog.


  1. Lovely reasons to be cheerful 🙂

  2. A really sweet post and a gorgeous H in the picture

  3. How lovely Henry is!! Very huggable!!

  4. a beautiful image and lovely reasons xxx

  5. Your little Henry looks so sweet. What a beautiful picture. No wonder you’re grateful for hugs 🙂

  6. My gosh what a gorgeous baby!!!! And I LOVE the name Henry. It was on our top 3 boy names but we went with Benjamin instead. But I still love the name Henry so much. Over here in the states it’s not a really popular name but it has been gaining throughout the recent years.

    Eli, my 2.5 year old is really getting independent now. Sometimes he flat out tells me no when I ask for a hug!!! I don’t take it personally of course. He’s a 2 year old. But my oh my how I crave those cuddles. They are the BEST in the world.

    • Awww that’s very kind and my name is Benjamin so clearly you have very good taste 🙂 Henry’s not that common here either I don’t think which was part of the attraction.

  7. Lovely picture. Life is so much easier when a routine develops!
    How sweet that she has become affectionate 🙂

  8. Hugs and Henry are 2 excellent reasons for being cheerful!

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