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Rogues, liars and thieves

Driving home tonight I was listening to Radio 4 catching up on the big stories of the day when an MP came on to talk about why he had helped kill the bill to create an elected House of Lords. An MP who we have elected to represent our views and opinions to government. An MP who was happy, fucking HAPPY that he had succeeded.

Listening to this idiot talk and try to explain his reasoning I could feel the anger building up. How could he and the rest of his old boys club seriously stop the bill before it was even debated. That’s right the debate today was how much time to allocate for debating the bill. They weren’t even debating the bill itself. Incredible.

But in order to serve their own means and keep playing out the petty squabbles rather than actually, you know, being our voice in parliament they ensured that the bill will never see the light of day.

Now maybe the bill is crap, maybe it wouldn’t work, I don’t know the details. What I do know is that there is only one other country IN THE WORLD that has an unelected 2nd chamber. One country, that says something doesn’t it?

It’s an absolute nonsense that in this modern world we can have hereditary peers who we have no say in electing or kicking out for that matter making decisions about the laws in this country. Not only that but a House of Lords containing more than few of Tony Blair’s favourite people, put there simply because he liked them or maybe even donated some money.

For me today is just another nail in the coffin for the countries politicians, after all that has happened in the past few years they are rapidly losing any trust from the population. We are not a million miles away from large chunks of the population completely disengaging with politics completely.

Rant over.


  1. I must admit I agree with you on what you’ve said. But I also have these other thoughts too.

    The House of Lords has also done some good as well. If they have felt that what’s been going on in the Commons has been stupid or badly written, they have blocked the bill’s transmission and sent it back for re-writing. So whilst it’s full of political appointees who have only been put there to ease the current administrations political whims and also hereditary land owners who want to keep the serfs down…they have also been (in a way) been “independent” of the Commons .. so I would hope this would continue.

    The current plan I heard being suggested though sounded ridiculous. Halving the number of “Lords” but then it would cost millions more to run then the current situation…

    • Agree, doesn’t sound like the proposed change is a good one but ultimately we need to get rid of these unelected people who are making decisions for us. I’m sure some of them do take the role seriously but there are an awful lot who contribute very little and often don’t even turn up.

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