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Thank you, thank you, thank you

So I only bloody well won the BIB’s dad blogger award didn’t I? I don’t think it’s quite sunk in. Quite honestly I did not expect to win, yes us dad bloggers are a rare species but the other guys nominated are truly great bloggers.

I feel a little numb still and that’s nothing to do with the 4 pints of Doom Bar that I drunk this evening, oh no sir ree bob.

So thank you to everyone that nominated me in the first place and to Craig from Dadz club who judged the finalists. It truly means everything to me to win. I never set out with a mission of being a top blogger or anything remotely close to that. I just enjoyed the experience of writing something for once rather than emails and balance sheets at work.

I love the process of blogging, of blog posts whirring around your head itching to be captured and put into words. Of trying to express exactly how I feel, of what it’s like being a dad/runner/wine drinker/middle class male. Of fighting the pigeon hole of being ‘just’ a parent blogger.

I hope at least some of this passion comes through in my writing. I enjoy it so much and getting an award like this gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and just makes you want to write more posts.

So thanks again, I love all of you, especially YOU. Please do keep reading and commenting and if you follow me on twitter come and say hi.

Oh and here’s me accepting the award with the fabulous Katy Hill in the background.

BIB award

The Fool xx


  1. Well done sir !!
    Always enjoy reading your blog, and you will serve as a ‘kick up the proverbial butt’ for me to kick start my feeble attempt to keep pace !!!
    Lol !
    Enjoy :@)

  2. Congrats again my friend, was fantastic to meet you tonight as well. Once I get enough cash together to put on the Blogging equivalent of Glastonbury, with 100,000 Bloggers attending & Bloggers across 12+ stages reading out their posts with people moshing to it, I’ll be approaching you for a headline slot.

  3. Congrats…. very impressed by your dedication to the cause, blogging before bed!

  4. Sane Dad Blog

    June 23, 2012 at 7:59 am

    Congratulations! As a relative newbie to the Dad blog scene it’s great reading other dads experiences for inspiration. Well done on the award.

  5. How many beers had you partaken in before writing this?!

    Seriously – well deserved! Congrats dude! And the outfit is lovely – well done!

  6. Well deserved. It’s always a pleasure to read your words. Congratulations!

  7. Congrats on your win.

  8. Yes…I have tried to zoom in, just to see my name on screen lol
    Congrats again sir, I can only one day hope to be half as succesful as you. Any tips?

  9. Well done!!! Really well deserved!

  10. Woo hoo! Mahoosive congrats Mr. Just gutted I didn’t get a chance to say hi yesterday!

  11. Well done. Saw you get it. I think if you blog for the right reasons as you clearly do then success often comes you way out of the blue. Congratulations

  12. WAHOOOOOOO! Well done squire, and soz you had to leave a bit earlier than expected, hope your missus is feeling better now 🙂 Nice to meet you briefly…

  13. Nice work, mate!! I kept meaning to come over and say “hi” but got sidetracked each time.

  14. Well done, fellow dad blogger, and nice to meet you. It was a good night, wasn’t it? Even if they did change the only men’s toilet to a ladies toilet! Keep blogging. I’ll be reading.

  15. Great to finally meet you and well done you! am so pleased for you, you deserve your award!
    Sorry you missed Saturday.

    • And you, it’s so nice meeting someone in real life and feeling like you’ve known them for ages. Congrats on your award to, I think you were even more shocked than me!

  16. congratulations on your win!

  17. Well farking done! Sorry we didn’t get much of a chance to bash brains and talk but a pleasure to meet you.

  18. Congratulations! Thoroughly deserved. Think Katy Hill’s checking you out in those new trousers.

  19. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading more and getting to know the blog that so many people obviously love 🙂

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