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The Gallery – Sunshine

I’ve been getting out early every morning for the past week to walk Bracken with Matilda in the rucksack. It’s been so warm that getting the walk done nice and early is the only way and it also gives the lady of the manor some peace and quiet to go back to sleep if Henry lets her. One of my favourite walks crosses some farmers fields not far from our house and on Sunday I finally remembered to take my camera with me. This field is gold from buttercups and is truly stunning in this weather, I knew it would be the perfect photo for this weeks Gallery.

It was also fun taking my new 35mm lens out and having a play around with the settings, I’m pretty pleased with the results although it did take a bit of tweaking on the computer to get the colours perfect. Clearly something still needing work to balance all the bright colours.

Oh and I also tried to get a photo of Bracken shaking after one of his many ventures into the stream. They say never work with children and animals and now I know why. Not easy getting the camera to do what I wanted at the moment that Bracken shook! This is the closest that I got, almost there, would have been better with the sun behind I think.


  1. Lovely photos. Im lucky enough to live close to farmers fields too and I spend many hours wandering around them.

  2. Beautiful field, just a gorgeous summery photo.

  3. That’s a great shot of Bracken. He looks like he had a pretty good time in the river?!!

  4. That first photo is absolutely stunning. The colour of the sky is just unreal. Love it. X

  5. you are very lucky – that looks gorgeous!

  6. There seem to be a lot of buttercups this week! It’s a really beautiful shot. I love the framing of it.

  7. Yes with the sun behind you may have caught some water drops too. But gorgeous photos anyway, love the colours

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