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Labour, a man’s perspective – part 1

I wrote a few posts over the last 24 hours on my phone at various stages of the labour process, I really wanted to capture the feelings and emotions of the moment but the lady of the manor wouldn’t let me publish immediately so I thought I’d publish them in a bit of a series instead. Perhaps give you an insight into the mind of a man during labour and birth.

3am and I’m sat in the bathroom while the lady of the manor has a bath. This can mean only one thing, we have lift off and the Sprout has initiated the countdown sequence. *runs around screaming DON’T PANIC DON’T PANIC*

She woke me up a couple of hours ago to tell me that contractions had started. I gathered the facts from her – frequency, length, strength while in my head I was thinking ‘ok, this is great, but do I need to stay awake or can I go back to sleep until they REALLY get going?’.
But here we are, Bracken is over his initial excitement of visitors in the night and is now looking at us like we’re crazy. Matilda I’m sure can sense something is going on as she woke up just now and when I went in she was sat up smiling at me.

Now of course the marathon begins, with my role being the easy one of the guy who sits in the car and shouts encouragement while the lady of the manor does all the hard work. Will this marathon last 48 hours like with Matilda or will it be quicker now that we’ve had a practise run? More importantly will it be a heir to the Fool’s kingdom or another girl to spend my fortune on shoes and sparkly things?

One thing is for sure and that is that I really wasn’t psychologically ready for it so soon, mentally I thought I had at least another week before this was going to happen. A week to finish off those jobs both at home and work. But its a fool that tries to actually plan labour, you just have to go with the flow and make the best decisions you can right?


  1. Anoop Singh-Best

    May 23, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Did you have that concerned look that induces laughter not labour? Rick looked so worried I laughed through most of my labour. He wasn’t laughing when I nearly broke his thumb during a contraction though… Wimp 😉

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