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Matilda, Matilda, how does your garden grow?

This is a job I have been meaning to do for weeks now, the box of seeds has been staring at me from its perch on the washing machine in the utility room. Laughing at me every time I walk past “you’ll never get round to needing me, you may as well put me back in the garage you loser”. But after reading Christine Mosler’s post I decided it was about bloody time I got around to it.

So out we went, all 5 of us (sprout included) to sort out the raised bed and get some seeds sown.

We keep things pretty simple when growing veg and make sure to grow the things we actually eat a lot of over the summer. A very important lesson, particularly if you’re limited for space. So we have a good selection of salad leaves to go with the BBQ’s that we have 3 or 4 times a week in the summer. Then runner beans, broad beans and peas just because they are fab. Love eating them straight from the pods!

Other than that we normally have carrots, tomatoes, courgettes and some pumpkins or squash’s. All easy to grow and taste amazing fresh from the garden.

I think it’s so important that kids get to see where food comes from and what it looks like before it ends up in Tesco. So although Matilda is still very young I want to make sure she is already getting involved in the process and she certainly doesn’t complain about getting her hands dirty.

We sowed most of the seeds straight into the soil, it’s pretty warm now so should be ok. We put 3 seeds around each cane to give good odds of getting beads growing. The tomatoes and pumpkin we planted in small pots and will keep indoors until a couple of inches high at least.

So here we are, full of excitement and anticipation of the magic that is hopefully going to happen beneath the soil before those little green shoots appear. Here’s to a fabulous summer full of fresh crisp veg.

P.S. see that raised bed? All my own work, oh yes a man of many talents


  1. They love it don’t they – it really is magic for kids.

  2. Far more sophisticated than any of my efforts. Very jealous!

  3. Great post! Its such an exciting time of year for the garden isn’t it. Picking what to grow and seeding out is such a buzz! I look forward to following your progress. For the slugs I will probably use beer traps and just potter about most days picking them off. Its a bit of a constant battle though isnt it.

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