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Listography – top 5 beauty products

So Kate has set a prompt this week that she thinks is just for girls, well not one to duck a challenge I thought I would share my words of wisdom on all things beauty. After all one look at a photo of me will tell you that I take pride in my appearance….

  1. Shower gel; washes your body AND your face, 2 for the price of 1 what more can you want? Plus if you get that mint original source stuff it really wakes you up in the morning, especially if you get it on your ‘bits’.
  2. E45 cream; forget oil of olay this is the only moisturiser you’ll need. It’s about a 10th of the price of those fancy creams which apparently have all sorts of scientific research behind them and is just as effective at moisturising your face.
  3. Vaseline; chapped lips? cracked skin on your hands? A perfect solution, oh and if you’re a runner it has many other uses….
  4. King of Shaves shave gel; in all honestly the best shave gel/foam you can buy. Much better for your skin than any Gillette crap and gets you that smooth bum feeling.
  5. ummm I’m out, that exhausts my list of beauty products unless you count deodorant of course..


  1. I confess to using slightly fancy products but like you, find E45 and vaseline two of the best. Maybe you could find a 5th item in duty free whilst on your travels?

  2. Ha! See? You couldn’t do it could you? Of course this means that you are a ‘real’ man.

  3. You’re clearly not a metro man – I think they use foundation, fake tan, moisturiser etc!

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