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The life of a international businessman

You may have noticed it has been almost a week since my last post, no doubt you were getting withdrawal symptoms right? Well that little thing called real life got in the way, I have had 2 trips abroad in the space of a week for work which is quite unusual and then a weekend catching up with family.

So I thought I would give you a little insight into the glamorous and not so glamorous side of business travel.


Last week I had to go to Paris to visit a customer, this meant a very leisurely 11am train to Paddington, quick tube to St. Pancreas and then the Eurostar to Paris. My first trip on the Eurostar and also to Paris so very cool. Also massively impressed with St. Pancreas, a beautiful place so well restored and a nice relaxed and efficient process to board the train.

We got to the hotel via the Metro around 7pm, checked in then immediately headed

out for dinner. We found a classic French cafe in one of the many streets in the area and spent a most enjoyable evening eating and drinking wine from a carafe.

The customer meeting was at 9am the next day and miraculously finished early giving us 3 hours free on a sunny spring Parisian day. So what can you do other than go and see the Eiffel tower?! From where we walked up to the Champs Elysees and then had the greatest cappuccino ever in a cafe nearby.

A pretty damn good day at the office

The unglamorous side

Yesterday was the complete opposite of the Paris trip, a long dull day trip to Germany to visit another customer. It went something like this;

  • 4.30am alarm goes off
  • 5am car picks me up for the drive to Heathrow
  • 7am through security at Heathrow, quick breakfast at Giraffe and then board flight to Düsseldorf
  • 10.30am land in Düsseldorf, jump in hire car and head off for the 120km drive to the customer.
  • 12pm arrive at customer, start 3 hour meeting
  • 3.30pm leave customer and head back down the autobahn
  • 5.30pm arrive at airport, head through security and board flight at 5.50pm
  • 7pm car picks me up from Heathrow and we head back down the M4 home
  • 9pm arrive home, just the 16 hours after leaving

Pretty exciting eh? The highlight of the trip was thrashing a brand new Ford Focus estate on the Autobahn, oh and the free nuts on the flight.

Polar opposite trips and with Vienna, California and Germany in the calendar already hopefully there’ll be more like Paris than Düsseldorf 🙂


  1. You see for me that sounds awesome ! There is nothing more I love than airports flying and all things travel … Probably because I only do it once a year..

  2. Paris sounds fun, Germany less so, have your company not heard of Skype?!

    Glad to have you back, did you remember the chocolate?

  3. You ought to get a tour T-shirt made up at the end of the year and flog them on here!

  4. I spent a year flying backwards and forwards to Detroit and Turin. I very rarely saw anything other than the inside of the airport, hotel and office. It was a horrendous time not to mention the jet lag. I wish you more trips like the Paris one but I think they tend to be the exception when it comes to business travel.

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