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The Gallery – A family story

Oooh that Tara Cain has set a challenge this week, although to be honest the hardest thing has been deciding whether to use a funny or soppy photo. But in the spirit of the prompt to find a photo that tells a story I am going with funny.

This ladies and gentlemen is a photo of my with a push chair, you will note how shiny and new it looks. This is because it was its maiden voyage into the big bad world just a few days after Matilda was born.

I will preface this story to share with you that the lady of the manor and I are well educated people, we have GCSE’s, A-Levels, a degree each and I even have a post graduate qualification in the form of being a Chartered management accountant. Keep this in mind as I share THE STORY.

Everything looks fine and dandy in this photo doesn’t it? Under control and ready to get on the move. Well looks can be deceiving, this is most definitely the calm after the storm. Notice the sun glasses on the floor and the nice shade of red on my face.

The preceding 10 minutes to this photo consisted of much swearing and struggling to get that bloody push chair open and fixed in place. It had seemed so easy at home when there wasn’t people watching and a baby waiting. It honestly took us more than 10 minutes to get it out of the car, open and fully ready to go.

If someone had filmed us wrestling to open it they would most definitely have got the £250 from you’ve been framed. In fact I might go and check YouTube to make sure it’s not on there.


  1. I can feel the frustration dripping from the photo! My favourite part is the sunglasses on the floor – I think that says it all really!

  2. LOL! It took me months to get to grips with mine. My dad still looks a bit like this photo after his attempts at unfolding the wheels. Is that outside baby clinic? That’s even more embarrassing! Poor you!

  3. Oh no! We’ve all been there. You need a degree in pushchair management just the bloody out the box.

  4. That made no sense :/ *just to get it out the bloody box
    Not had my caffeine fix yet.

  5. Pushchairs! The bane of every new parent’s life! I think every single one of us has one of those car park pushchair stories!

  6. Did you read the instructions? Hmmmm?
    I can remember my DH getting himself in a similar state over a new pushchair; he was completely befuddled as he could remember putting up the pushchair many times before. What I didn’t tell him then, and still haven’t, is that I had bought a different brand of buggy that looked very similar to the first, and said nothing to him about replacing it.
    Of course it had a very different unfolding mechanism…

  7. I still catch my skin in our quinny zapp, bloody thing

  8. Haha bless you. At least you succeeded in the end. We had the same struggle both times with ours. Not to mention the silliness of the first walk that followed, where I moved at 1mph and gripped the handles so tight my knuckles went white and my hands cramped up!

  9. Oh, been there, done that! Such a fantastic picture and story. I wish I could have seen that video!

  10. Pushchair designers have a lot to answer for don’t they? You’d think they’d realise that parents need it to be easy as they have enough on their hands without learning and remembering complicated instructions.

  11. Lol, I love it, and it’s such a good choice. I challenge any parent to be telling the truth if they’ve never had a pushchair fail story!

  12. What I think is quite funny is that your good lady wife saw fit to take a photo of you post-strop…

  13. You are not alone. Our maiden voyage with our “Travel System” (oooh) consisted of an hour and a half in the Sainsburys car park trying to work out how to get the car seat part off the buggy chassis. We spent 45 minutes on the phone to the Mamas and Papas Helpline, during which time my husband was told to “Calm down” by the phone operator. It happens to us all…

  14. I can’t help but giggle can I? Because we’ve all been there and it’s so much funnier when it’s someone else suffering the wretched Brand New Buggy syndrome 🙂

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