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Whats on your MP3 Player? Who Me?

I new meme and actually one I think is quite interesting, who wouldn’t want to see what dirty little musical secrets someone’s iPod holds (other personal music players are available)? Gemma  has tagged me in this one and I think she may have cheated and not blogged the first 5 tracks that appeared. I mean how else to you explain the seeming high quality of her music?

So, deep breath, here’s the first 5 tracks from shuffle on my iPod (note any rubbish tracks are clearly put on there by the lady of the manor…)

Madeleine Peyroux – Dreamland; oooh good start, this album conjures pictures of small coffee shops in France with perfect strong, black coffee and little pastries. Good Sunday morning, read the paper music.

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere over the rainbow; ok, no idea why we have this song, I’ve a feeling it’s because I liked this version of the song and it was released in the UK last year. Still bit random having a song by a big Hawaiian dude who died recently.

Stereophonics – you sexy thing; The lady of the manor is completely obsessed with the Stereophonics or more precisely Kelly Jones. About 3 years ago we went to a gig they did in Bristol, it was announced just a couple of weeks before as a last minute warm up for the festival season. We were 3 people from the front at Colston Hall and it was AMAZING. However this probably isn’t their most vintage work….

Mayer Hawthorne – A strange arrangement; this was one of my downloads after hearing him played on Zane Lowe one evening. A modern soul track and I love it, haven’t heard anything remotely similar since.

Laura Marling – Tap at my window; hmm interesting one to finish with. I have a bit of a soft spot for female singer songwriters, they seem in general to be just more interesting in terms of lyrics and voice.

So there you have it, I reckon that’s a pretty respectable selection. I think a lot of people have done this already, but if you haven’t please consider yourself tagged.



  1. cheated me? how very dare you…. that’s just how things roll in this house 😉
    nice selection – although I’ve heard of Laura Marling, am not that familiar with her stuff. Mayer Hawthorne seems good.
    But am sorry, the Sterophonics – Kelly Jones is someone I could cheerfully slap.
    thanks for taking part.

  2. Ashamed to say I’ve never heard of half of these! I don’t blog but felt I should share my 5:

    The Beatles – Ticket to Ride
    Wet Wet Wet – Back on my Feet
    Wham – Everything She Wants
    Sheryl Crow – First Cut is the Deepest
    The Housemartins – Me and the Farmer

    There you go, an honest list. Not quite sure what it says about me but I like what I like and I’m not particularly well educated in music. Probably the one thing my OH would like to change about me actually considering his vast music collection.
    I also have a terrible habit of liking a song, buying an album and never listening to/getting to know the whole album.

  3. Have to say that I am with your lady on the matter of Kelly Jones. Funny that we both had ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’… I really like the last track. No shame in this fool’s selection.

  4. Hi, found you on Blogger.ed! Haven’t heard many of these but I do like Laura Marling. Thanks for carrying on my meme 🙂

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