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I’d choose radio over TV any day

I’m watching less and less TV these days, in fact any program that I do watch regularly I tend to record on my Playstation and watch on a different day. Particularly for programs not on BBC so you can zap through the adverts. In fact when the lady of the manor is out working a night shift more often that not I am on my laptop with the radio on.

I reckon I could live quite happily with no TV and just listen the radio, certainly it would be a lot better than the opposite way around. I’m no expert but right now feels like a pretty bloody good time for radio. Which is amazing when you think how much media has evolved and that Facebook and YouTube are apparently taking over the world. The BBC may get grief sometimes for how it spends its money but it’s radio services must be among the best in the world.

For starters you have Radio 2 and the fabulous Chris Evans starting the day, he’s just so enthusiastic and positive. He’s doing some amazing things for children (writing competition, and daily fanfare for starters), I also love how he isn’t afraid to think of crazy ideas and actually try to make them happen.

Jeremy Vine does a good debate show, but not always something I have the patience to listen to. However his show just before christmas where he connected soldiers and their loved ones was incredible. You couldn’t stop listening and there are few people who could have presented it with the┬ásincerity┬áthat he did.

At the weekends you have Alan Carr who spends half the show in hysterics with Melanie Sykes and then Dermot O’Leary just before them. Always the soundtrack when we’re cooking and eating dinner. The live sessions that Dermot has are well worth a listen.

Then Sunday is all about Aled Jones and Sunday Love songs, I truly am not a very religious person but I find Aled’s show fascinating to listen to and hear his guests views. Sunday Love Songs will forever remind me of our traditional breakfast of dippy eggs and soldiers. First choice in the Fool’s household every week (well when wifey isn’t pregnant of course) and perhaps one for Matilda to try soon?

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I will also give a mention to 6music which battles with Radio 2 for first choice on our radio. Huey Morgan is probably my favourite DJ of the week, love it when he fills in on a weekday but if not his Sunday show is excellent. A chance to hear some different music to my normal choices and he’s just such a dude.

My most recent discovery has been the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on a Saturday evening. Only listened for the first time a few weeks ago and what a selection of music. A great way to start the evening with a glass of wine in hand. Also the perfect escape when the lady of the manor is watching some form of dancing or singing on the TV.

I’m sure I’ve missed some shows like Steve Wright in the Afternoon or Richard Bacon on a Saturday morning and who can forget all the sport that is on 5Live? It’s simply incredible the quality that we have to listen to, that is free of adverts and commercialism.

We should be incredibly proud that we still have such a service and protect it with all our worth.

Oh and if you have a show you love that I’ve missed do let me know, there’s always room for more!


  1. I feel exactly the same way, I think you already know that we don’t have a TV so radio is my main form of entertainment and news. I love the Funk and Soul show on Radio 2 and Saturday mornings are brilliant (Sounds of the Sixties followed by Graham Norton). I cannot abide Alan Carr though and listening to Jeremy Vine’s show will always lead to so much swearing from me I cannot listen when small ears are around. I am mostly a radio 4 girl, I love the morning news programmes, Woman’s Hour, The Shipping Forecast and The Archers of course!

  2. I’m a R2 listener too, but only really listen to the radio in the car. Unless I’m cooking when I like music playing, I tend to have the tv on as background. Really should get out of the habit.

    Also, I’ve nominated you for a blog award on

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