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Another week and another prompt from Tara that yet again confirms her voyeuristic tendencies. Why else would she want to know what we are doing when we read her blog post?

Now technically this isn’t me the first time I read her prompt because then I was sat on a bus reading it on my phone and the only camera was on my phone of course. Not even I am that talented. So I thought I’d treat you to a photo of me when I’m writing this post instead, just a regular day working from home in the Fools Manor.

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  1. PMSL. I hope you’ve got a towel on that chair

  2. Looking at your blog in a completely different light. All you posts written whilst attired thus? Do you keep your heating up very high?

  3. Show off! I have two jumpers on as I am freezing 🙂

  4. I note you’re next to the radiator…

  5. I’m sure Tara was hoping for just this when she set the theme this week….. 😉

  6. This has made me laugh quite a lot, I am not sure I’m going to be able think about you working from home in the same way again.

  7. Oh this could so be me. This is a regular writing outfit for me, specially when it is not so cold.


  8. Are you *whispers* nakid?

  9. Glad to see someone else who believes in a clothes optional household (and office)! 🙂

  10. Damn! That’s what I should have done!! Mahahahhahahahha BRILLIANT. I actually LOL’ed

  11. haha i left taras linky open as i went to run my three a bath they started laughing and saying that man looks silly.. i couldn’t think what they were looking at I’ve just settled them off to the land of nap and woke up my laptop from standby and was greeted with your pic they must have clicked on you from the linky list great photo my other half likes to keep the hosue hot enough to be au natural and i’m forever moaning about the heating and telling him to put a jumper on!

  12. Please tell me you put pants on when the postman knocks!

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