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Reasons to be cheerful – week 4

I started doing this link up partly due to the prizes on offer, or at least that’s what caught my attention, but I actually really like it so plan to keep doing as much as possible. It’s great to just take a few minutes to scribble 3 things down that are happy and positive. Incidentally I just checked and I did actually win a prize, I was hoping for the facial voucher because my skin is looking a tired but definitely not complaining.

Anyway here’s my 3 reasons to be cheerful for this week;

  1. Tomorrow is pay day and not just any ordinary pay day, it’s the first one in what seems like a very long time as Christmas pay day was early AND it has part of my annual bonus in. RESULT! All this can mean only one thing – pay day takeaway. No decision needed on what type of takeaway either, it’s Indian every time for me and the lady of the manor. We may even go the whole hog and have bhaji’s and side dishes.
  2. Someone in our department at work is leaving, which is sad, but the positive aspect is it gives me an opportunity to take on some more responsibilities and new challenges which is always a good thing.
  3. We have a great weekend planned; brunch with friends from NCT on Saturday then a visit to the Bath Vintage and Antiques market on Sunday. Will be great to have some time as a family and maybe get something for the house from the market.

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  1. There is no better reason to be cheerful than an Indian takeaway. You’ve just inspired Friday dinner. I think I’ll have a night off cooking. Enjoy your weekend

  2. The frst Pay Day after Christmas always makes me cheerful. January is such a loooooong month.

  3. Great that you will continue with #r2bc
    That day of brunch and antiques sounds very much up my street.
    Have a great week

  4. Mmmm.. takeaway and brunch all in one #R2BC. I like your style!

  5. Lucky you to be going to Bath. It is such a beautiful city.

  6. Yeah pay day is always a reason to be cheerful however long the pay lasts. Congrats on new job roles to come!

  7. hope you enjoyed your payday takeaway, glad you have stuck around after the comp;-)

  8. Ohh enjoy that Indian, I am very jealous of that! Mich x

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