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Listography – Top 5 biscuits

So slightly more low brow than lasts weeks challenge, but I am nothing if not adaptable. Now I know you will all have your own opinions and clever arguments for which are the best biscuits but save your breath because quite simply you are wrong. Here’s the right answers:

  1. Digestive; simple, tasty and good dunking qualities. What more can you ask of a biscuit?  Definitely not the chocolate covered ones though, that’s just ruining a classic.
  2. Ginger nuts; an excellent choice for eating when travelling (ginger is supposed to be a natural cure for travel sickness). A tasty flavour and a nice, solid crunch when you bite into it.
  3. Malted Milk; these remind me of being a kid and visiting my nan who always had a tin of them. Very moorish and perfect with a glass of milk.
  4. Jammy Dodgers; the go to biscuit when you have visitors, the jam gives a hint of the exotic and extravagance that digestives just can’t deliver.
  5. Chocolate Bourbon’s; as a teenage I used to take my paper round money and buy a whole packet of these from the postie for about 30p. Then I’d eat the lot in the 10 mins it took to get home. However please don’t faff around biting one biscuit off, then the cream filling and finally the other biscuit though. That’s just an insult to the biscuit, bite it like a proper man.

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  1. I have to congratulate you on an almost perfect list! I prefer the old school plain biscuits too but I only eat ginger nut biscuits when I’m pregnant. I’m not planning any more babies so can I please swap them for a custard cream (king of biscuits)? 🙂

  2. Jammy dodgers would have made it onto my list if all the men in my life didn’t always scoff them all before I get a look in. A creditable list but I can’t believe you dissed the chocolate digestive. *stomps off in disgust*

  3. I love your introduction. Suitably arrogant in a very amusing way.
    Your descriptions were great too.
    I am a bourbon sinner it appears!

  4. Excellent choices, and am rather partial to a ginger nut biscuit myself (or three. Or four.) Can’t believe I forgot to add that one to my list! Oops.

  5. Oh yes to the ginger nut. But I’m a girl and I’m allowed to eat my bourbons in a wussy way!

  6. Malted Milks, I have a love/hate relationship with having mainly ate them when ill as a child. Round of applause for the humble Digestive in top spot. Excellent selection.

  7. 4 out of 5 I would agree with. Not even sure what a malted milk is…
    I’m afraid I too insult the Bourbon…

  8. Good list, Digestives made it onto my bought list… but I am not a great fan of bought biscuits… but I’m a bit odd… (but you know that already)
    Malted milks, or cow biscuits, remind me of school days 🙂

  9. Jeez you’re easy to please. Had forgotten about those malted milk ones – may have to look them out…

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