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Reasons to be cheerful – year 2, week 3

The last week has been a tiring one, work has been busy and the wee girl has for some reason given up her normally excellent sleeping habits and started waking up at 1.30am and/or 4am. But despite this I have a couple of pretty good reasons to be cheerful and actually feel pretty positive at the moment.

  1. This weekend is the lady of the manors first full weekend working, so she’ll be gone from 6am to 8.30pm both days. Which of course means I get some pretty nice quality time with Matilda, fingers crossed she sleeps and is happy so we can get out and do something interesting. Maybe even some more photos like this.
  2. I found out today how much my annual bonus will be and pay day is next Friday. Quite honestly it can’t come soon enough, but I think my bank will be pleasantly surprised when my account balance goes up from it’s current £40. The lady of the manors reaction to my bonus was ‘ooooh shoes’! Not quite what I had in mind for the reward for all my hard work.
  3. Had my annual appraisal this week and got some pretty good feedback, always nice to hear colleagues say positive things about your work.
  4. Following on from last weeks reasons to be cheerful my bread last weekend was very successful so I’m looking forward to trying it out again and experimenting with it this weekend.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. I hope the wee girl starts sleeping again so you can enjoy your time togther. Well done on the bonus and the bread. I keep thinking about making mhy own bread, but I keep chickening out.

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