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Reasons to be cheerful

We’re now in that horrible part of January where Christmas is now a distant memory and the next pay day is still 2 weeks away. So what better than some reasons to be cheerful, to remind you that you may be eating jacket potatoes and Tesco value beans for the rest of the month but things aren’t all bad.

  1. We had our 20 week scan for the Sprout yesterday and amazingly enough all limbs/organs/body parts appear to be the right size and in the right place. Maybe disproving the theory that inbreeding creates mutations?
  2. My resolution to cut down my sugar intake seems to be going well, I’ve never drunk sugar in tea/coffee etc but it’s the added sugar to foods that you don’t notice. I have to say I’m feeling an awful lot better for it and can am sure I’m losing weight also.
  3. I have a new bread recipe to try out at the weekend, bread is my new obsession but something in the recipe I’d been using wasn’t working quite right. But after some research on Twitter I have some top tips and am ready to give it another go tomorrow. Watching the Fabulous Baker Brothers this week was also a pretty good source of inspiration!

Oh and also (and no this isn’t a 4th honest) have you looked out of the window today? Just beautiful, I love crisp cold mornings, makes me want to just get out and take photos.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. What do you think spoilt your first lot of bread? Gorgeous crispy cold morning here as well.

  2. It is gorgeous out there! Thanks for visiting my blog too! Just realised there are supposed to be 3 reasons and I only did one! Ooops

  3. The Rambling Pages

    January 13, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    Be interested to hear what wasn;t working in your bread and the solution. I got a read maker a few years ago and had little success with making nice bread and the only thing I could put it down to was the fact our water was so hard, good luck with the new recipe

  4. Big congratulations – you’re going to be a Daddy – again! Good reasons!

  5. Hi Ben, great writing. I’m also into cooking quite a bit (I worked as a cook in a previous life) and I am looking for your next

  6. oops…
    post and I’ll be around for more!


  7. We’re loving the fabulous baker boys in this house too – nothing like fresh baked bread! Great reasons to be cheerful 😀

  8. No need to hide a 4th, you can have as many reasons as you like!

    Really glad to hear all was well at the scan.

    Mich x

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