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Listography – Top 5 Photos of 2011

I have become a bit obsessive in the last year in taking photo’s, having a new baby can do that can’t it? However I’ve also been very brave and taken my DSLR off auto and actually tried to use it’s settings. So hear’s my choice of my favourite photo’s from 2011, to see other people’s choices have a look at Kate’s linky here. I have to say picking just 5 photo’s were hard, I mean I have about 500 of Matilda to start with.

1. Matilda 20 minutes after being born, how could I not start with this? I’m so glad I managed to capture this moment, just perfect.

Matilda first hour

2. Race for life 2011; 4 generations of one family all coming together and celebrating fighting cancer, simply inspiring.

Race for life ladies

3. My 2 girls, love this photo and the moment it captured having lunch in Christchurch

Matilda and Alex eating lunch

4. Matilda’s first time on the beach, can there be a more excited and happy face than this? A magical moment in Abel Tasman national park in New Zealand, in my top 5 days of the year.


5. Finally the first time we saw the sprout, walking into that room your heart is racing with excitement and nervousness. Hoping everything is in the right place and that your new baby is healthy. Can’t wait to meet him or her, if it’s a girl then I think I could be in big trouble 🙂



  1. We also had a newborn in our 2011. Congrats on sprout! And lovely to get a reminder of my own trip to NZ a few years ago. Brave of you to go with a baby..

    Lovely pics and happy new year

  2. Lovely photos, Ben. Beautiful memories. Happy New Year to you all. Looking forward to sharing some cookbook recipes once life returns to normality.

  3. Oh what a beautiful collection of photos. Such love and strength in all of them. And that brand new little face in the first one *swoons* You have successfully returned the favour of bringing me to tears!

  4. Gorgeous photos Ben. Have enjoyed your Recipe Shed contributions this year. Popping over from Kate Takes 5. Happy New Year from Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  5. Really lovely photos and a great blog i think maybe your local to me ! thanks for the kind comment on my lisography you made me laugh out loud about the middle gnome being real x

  6. Love the new born photo, precious!

  7. So wonderful! Looks like you had a great year! Happy 2012.

  8. That’s a lovely set of pics. The first one is clearly beautiful but think the race for life one is very special – and quite a rarity to capture 4 generations. Happy 2012 and congrats on the ‘sprout’!

  9. Anoop Singh-Best

    January 2, 2012 at 8:30 am

    Gorgeous! Baby on the beach is my favourite. Never forget my boys in the sand. Priceless. You have a gorgeous family x

  10. Oh no. 1 is very special – what a gorgeous picture.

  11. Love the baby shots. So loking forward to my little one arriving!

  12. Lovely memories – the first year just flies by, doesn’t it?

  13. Wow! Beautiful photos. You certainly have a knack of capturing the moment! The first photo is just gorgeous!

  14. They are very magical photos and am so glad to have had them shared with me.

    Happy new year

  15. Great newborn pic – so hard to get one that looks so beautiful.
    Enjoying your stories! – family stories past and present

  16. Beautiful – all of them 🙂 Matilda is angelic!

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