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It was a very good year…

I love Frank Sinatra, it’s my soundtrack of choice when cooking and this song sums up pretty well how I fell about last year. It was a year of huge change, of adventure and new beginnings and I loved every damn second. So if you will humour me a few photo’s from the year 2011.

We finally got the house almost how we want it; we put a new bathroom in, painted the stairs and put a runner on them, decorated the nursery in the greatest wallpaper EVER (Quentin Blake range at Osborne and Little, my favourite item of decoration in the whole house), new carpets in the bedrooms and grew some vegetables in our new raised bed.

Before                                                          After

The bathroom was only half done with a bath installed but no tiles on the walls when the main event of 2011 occurred – the arrival of Matilda on 15th April. In fact the lady of the manor not only helped strip the old tiles while heavily pregnant, but she also had a bath in the half finished room while having contractions!

Having a baby of course changes your life,  more so for your first, but honestly it has been so much fun being a dad. Matilda is a fabulous little girl, so happy and smiley, she sleeps well, eats well and makes me laugh every day. Without wanting to wish her baby years away I cannot wait until she’s walking and talking, we’re going to have so much fun!

Then of course there was our other big adventure, going to New Zealand for 3 weeks baby and all. We booked the trip to go to the rugby world cup before we knew the lady of the manor was pregnant but we would have done it anyway. Sure we were a little nervous but you can’t just sit at home once you have children can you?

It was such an amazing trip with experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life; like sitting in natural hot springs in Hamner Springs and looking up at snow covered mountains, or wading in a hot river near Lake Taupo with Matilda laughing her head off as she splashed, or even having the greatest coffee and carrot cake next to Lake Matheson in the glorious sunshine with Mount Cook in the distance.

An awful lot happened last year and it looks like this year could be exactly the same. The small matter of the sprout being born in May is probably enough to keep us busy all year. We have a family holiday to France booked for September, pretty tame and easy compared to New Zealand! But 2 weeks in a gite with my brother and his wife and baby should be fun.

This year is also going to be the year that we get our finances in order, we’re getting there but with our family set to expand and our dream of the lady of the manor being able to stay home we need to make sure we are as debt free as possible. In 6 months I want to have no credit card, no overdraft and some savings in the bank.

My only other resolution for the year is to finally do the trail races I’ve been talking of doing for a long time. I want to do an off road half marathon and an individual adventure race. 2011 was a lost year for running after I hurt my back in June so I’m itching to make amends in 2012.

Happy New year to you all and thank you for reading my mutterings for the last year, every comment and page view is appreciated and I promise to make more effort to visit your blogs in return.


  1. what an amazing year! wow.

    love that you’re dreaming big for 2012 and i’m really looking forward to hearing how it all goes. love to you and yours xx

  2. lovely run down of your year I wish you all the best things for 2012!! 🙂

  3. OMG THAT WALLPAPER IS AMAZEBALLS!! And uh, yeah, you’ve had a good year, too 😉 Lovely photos!

  4. Your year is pretty amazing, so many great things! I also adore the gorgeous wallpaper. I didn’t think it was possible but life with 2 little ones is even more fantastic than life with 1 (we also have the big big one). The photo of Matilda as a newborn isn’t helping my attempt to not be broody this year. You’ve done so well getting the finances in order too, is a tough one that. Happy New Year, I hope 2012 is as wonderful for you and your lovely family x

    • Cheers, it was pretty stressful at times and redoing the bathroom when Matilda was due probably wasn’t the greatest idea but hey ho. Feel like we’re finally getting there having essentially been in debt ever since I graduated 6 years ago.

  5. Good round up to a good year 🙂 I feel a though I have followed it all the way through your tweets and blog.

    I am still in awe of your trip to NZ, I wouldn’t have the guts to do that – we have felt a bit confined due to our girl having such a good routine but we’re slowly getting out of that one. In fact after reading this we’ve said we should book a cottage holiday 🙂

    • good on you! Routine is important but I strongly believe you also need to live your life. Even in NZ we kept a routine for her and limited our experience by not going out in the evening etc to make sure she still slept.

  6. You were brave going to NZ with baby. We went a few years back (just the 2 of us) and enjoyed it so much that we wanted to move there. Chose Scotland instead!
    I hope we are going tot be as brave as you when baby comes along as we love travelling.

  7. A lovely review and wishing you all the best for an exciting year to come!

  8. Anoop Singh-Best

    January 2, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    Sounds like an amazing year and an amazing family.
    Hope the coming year is just as fabulous for you all 🙂

  9. Amazing year, amazing photos and AMAZING wallpaper! I cannot believe how excited I am about your wallpaper! I NEED that in my life!

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