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The Gallery – Christmas of Yesteryear

Tara of Sticky Fingers fame is inherently a nosy person and she likes nothing more than encouraging us foolish gallery followers to reveal embarrassing and funny photos of ourselves. This week being a case in point, the prompt is Christmas of Yesteryear, no doubt she expected some dodgy hair cuts, cheesy present opening scenes or fashion disasters. Well I’m sorry to disappoint Mrs Cain but you wont find any of that here, this may or may not have anything to do with the fact that my parents keep all those photos in a safe place and viewing is strictly on a need to know basis.

So this week instead I give you our Yesteryear aka Christmas before we had children. It may only be a few years ago that these photos were taken but an awful lot has changed in that time. We are now house owners, we have a crazy crazy dog and a beautiful little daughter. This Christmas we will be at home establishing family traditions to be repeated for many years, we’ll spend a glorious week together enjoying the festive season and eating until our bellies pop out.

But just 3 years ago things were very different, we lived in a rented flat in the centre of Bristol and the lady of the manor was working a night shift on Christmas day. So it was just the 2 of us for Christmas, with a small roast dinner and a couple of glasses of wine for me. A very strange day, a happy day but definitely strange and ending with me spending the evening and night on my own. In a way Christmas passed us by a little bit, sure we had some presents and a real tree, but the usual excitement wasn’t there and we had no family to share it with.

This year I am just a teeny tiny bit excited about it being Matilda’s first Christmas, the first and last with one child! We have a very cosy and Christmasy feeling house, we have a feast planned and family joining us to share the occasion with. This is exactly how I want Christmas to be from now on. I CANNOT WAIT!

So Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for reading.

P.S Yes the secret to the lady of the manors happiness is a rocky road from Hotel Chocolat. Cheap date…


  1. Faitas Chicken and all the works was my Christmas dinner the year before I had baby on board. My last before children Christmas but with baby on board was eating very little, feeling rather sick but very happy.Christmas. Now they are 12 and 10 (where did that time go) but looking forward to a relax family Christmas just enjoying being together!!!

    Have a fantastic Christmas, it looks like you are going too 🙂

  2. Christmas with little people is magic. Enjoy 🙂

  3. Ahhh how lovely that’s it’s your daughter’s 1st Christmas – it really is a truly special time! Kids make Christmas magic again! Enjoy every minute x

  4. Yes I’d be a happy lady with that too. Have a lovely Christmas together

  5. Look at those presents haphazardly scatters around the tree, we can’t do that at ours this year. We cant even leave table mats anywhere! Hope you have an amazing Xmas with Matilda and hope its the start of many lovely family traditions!

  6. Christmas with kids only gets better and better. Am doing the same – laying down traditions.
    Happy Christmas!

  7. I look back on our Christmasses pre-The Boy and think how boring they were in comparison to the fun of today! Fab photos and tale.

  8. Ahh you can’t beat Hotel Chocolat. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. x

  9. Hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas – there is nothing better than a magical Christmas with your Children!


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