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Crawling by Christmas?

Yes that’s right the wee girl is getting ever so close to crawling. The lady of the manor and I are very excited about this fact, maybe naively because we don’t know about the chaos to come once she can move, but an exciting time nonetheless.

She has been able to sit perfectly for a good while now, but doesn’t appear to have any interest in rolling over at all. She has rolled over a grand total of 4 times and at least one of them was an accident. However in the last couple of weeks she has been starting to get much more active and is turning into a proper little gymnast as she reaches for toys when sitting (or to grab the dog whichever is closer). Inevitably she then gets frustrated at not being able to move properly and gets stuck in a funny position.

We’ve also been giving her more tummy time, something which she has hated in the past. There is a hint of trying to crawl and she can turn around in circles on the spot, but mostly she spends her time in the skydiver position.

Now this all sounds lovely doesn’t it? 2 parents enjoying watching their daughter develop and discover things. But alas the competitive dad in me takes over, one of the babies in our NCT group is already crawling pretty well and I can’t have my daughter being left behind.

So I’ve developed a training program consisting of various drills to help her develop her crawling technique. For example putting her favourite toys just out of arms reach so she has to try to move to get them. Or getting her to do sit ups to build up those stomach muscles and of course not forgetting diet. If she’s going to crawl then she needs a good healthy diet, low in fat so she’s not carrying excess weight, high in vitamins and carbs so she feels full or energy.

We also spend some time each day working on technique and using her door bouncer to do squats to build up the leg muscles. The final piece of the training plan is mental strength, you have to believe to achieve, so I play her a motivational CD to her as she falls asleep.

I’ve set her the stretch goal of crawling by Christmas, if she achieves it then Father Christmas will bring her some great presents, if she doesn’t then she’ll have to make do with a new bib.

P.S Clearly she has inherited her mothers obsession with shoes….


  1. Haha! Don’t wish away the knowledge that you can look away and when you look back your child will be within a short radius of where you left them!!

    We are again in similar situations. Olivia thinks she’s a commando and just rolls everywhere, hold her chest off the ground with her arms and knows to push with her legs. She’s just not strong enough to lift her whole body, but that’ll come soon enough.

    I too wanted to beat all the other NCT babies, but 2 are now crawling. Granted they are both 8 months old and Ollie is only 7 but still, I wanted her to be first. Ah well. Can’t have everything.

    P.S. you’ve ruined my cupboard for me.

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