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Listography – Top 5 things that make Christmas Christmas

This is the first time I’ve taken part in this linky, but as  I found myself sat at the computer on a Sunday morning with a baby fast asleep upstairs I thought I’d finally have a go at joining in. So here’s my 5 things that make Christmas Christmas.

  1. Putting the tree up, a real tree of course and it has to be taller than me so that when you cut the netting off it fills half the room. I do the lumberjack duties getting it to fit in the stand and the lady of the manor is in charge of design.
  2. A Christmas day run; come rain, shine, snow or hail I go for a run on Christmas day. Normally mid morning after presents have been opened. The perfect way to work up an appetite for the feast to come and also probably the quietest time of the year to be out running. Now of course the hound comes to.
  3. Christmas wine delivery from Majestic Wine; this is my job in the Christmas planning, love deciding what to match with each meal, picking out new wines and drooling over the descriptions of the taste.
  4. Watching The Polar Express; is there a better movie for getting you in the Christmas mood? Has to be watched snuggled on the sofa under a blanket with hot chocolate. If we had a log fire that would be burning also.
  5. Going to a Christmas market; Frome is the new discovery and current favourite. Love finding new local producers of fabulous food. Cheese, chutney, bread, chocolate the list goes on. Must have some music or singing in the background and a hot drink to walk around with.


  1. The Polar Express? I’ll put this politely as I’ve got a kid reading over my shoulder. I dislike this movie. I dislike this movie with a passion I would normally reserve for all things Microsoft and vegan sausages. I’m going to stop there and take a relaxing lie down in a darkened room and try to forget I ever saw that film again. It’s quite high up on my list of “things I’d remove from the universe if I had the power so to do.” Hey, that might make a good Listography, actually… I’ll post my Christmas 5 tomorrow…

    • You hate The Polar Express? What sort of crazy person are you? What is it about the film that causes so much offence?!

      • I’m not sure I can put my finger on any one thing. The graphics are not quite good enough / too good to consider a “proper” cartoon. At first glance you think it’s real people, then you look a little longer and realise it’s CGI facsimiles that don’t move quite right – that’s my problem with the Neil Gaiman Beowulf (well, that and Beowulf’s fantastic accent – “I have come to slay your mon-stah!” delivered as the best RSM could manage). The graphics are good but not good enough. Either make it look like a real film until you dissolve the hobo into snow on top of the train or make it look like a cartoon. “Up” does it right, for me.

        Tom Hanks is in the film way too much – in itself not a major offense, he’s done some great films – but it’s worse than Alec Guiness in “Kind Hearts and Coronets” at times. Only nowhere near as entertaining.

        But really, deep down, my number one thing I can point at in that film and dislike is the miserable little kid who spends his time losing his ticket, destroying things, almost killing fellow passengers and being the most cheerfullest little gobshite in Santaland when he can’t hear the bell.

        My ultimate, number one, no-questions-asked Christmas movie is definitely “The Muppets Christmas Carol”, closely followed by the Alistair Sim “Scrooge” from 1951 ( But don’t re-colour it. Leave black and white movies as they are thank you.

    • John – I LOVE that Listography idea! Can I steal it if I give you a credit?!

  2. Run sounds impressive, well done you

  3. Great list, you’ve just made me feel very Christmassy my friend. I will toast my first glass of Amaretto tonight to your good self.

  4. I’m totes impressed you run on Christmas! That’s a great way to make room for all the treats the rest of the day.

    • It really helps get you ready for the eating marathon, just have to get out before the bubbles are opened 🙂

      • Last Christmas everyone (well, all the grown-ups bar those of us with sanity intact) decided to go for a swim on Christmas day. In the sea. With snow on the beach. Now the North Sea is just the Arctic Ocean with a suit and tie on. But if you wanted something to give you a hearty appetite / hypothermia, you could do worse, I guess.

  5. But surely you’re drunk by mid-morning? No? Just us then.

  6. Great list. And I MUST check out The Polar Express now see what all the fuss is about! Hope you and your family have a great Xmas x

  7. Thank you for mentioning Christmas markets….have just managed to get a list of all the markets in Dublin – will print off and add to my growing list of things to do over Christmas 🙂

  8. 1, 3, 4, 5 … i’m totally with you …. brilliant. i’d like to pretend that i’m also with you on 2, but that would be a lie.

  9. I love “The Polar Express”. Must go and find a copy to watch this Christmas.

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