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It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas….

BIG excitement in this Fools household today, I had one days holiday left to take this year so decided to take a long weekend so that we could get the house all christmasy (it is December after all). The most important part being of course putting up the tree. We are most definitely a real tree family and as ever my role was stopping the lady of the manor buying one that was massive. They always look smaller outdoors, but then you undo the netting in your lounge and WHOOSH half the room is full of tree.

We did pretty well this time, not too big but lovely and bushy all over. Plus I got to make use of my inner lumber jack and do some sawing to get it to fit into the stand, albeit with a hand saw and not a chainsaw. As it’s our first Christmas as a proper family it’s also quite fun establishing our own traditions to do each year. Matilda now has her own stocking which I hope she’ll use for as long as I have mine and we bought her a bauble with her name on to remember her first Christmas. Perhaps we’ll buy a new one each year?

One thing to note though is that our tree is under strict control of the lady of the manor, all decorations are either red or gold and they must be evenly spaced throughout the tree. Lights are white only and god forbid you go anywhere near the tree with tinsel!

But this is only the start of a weekend of all things Christmas, tomorrow we are going to the Bath Christmas market with the in-laws, a lovely event on the cobbled streets in Bath. Then on Sunday we’re going to visit Frome for their Artisan Christmas market, where we may even see the queen of Frome herself Christine Mosler. The big question is how many mince pies can I eat in one weekend?


  1. Stunning effort, mate. It looks absolutely gorgeous. We’re thinking, for the first time ever, of having a falsie this year because someone told us that the dry summer (or was it wet!!) means the trees will shed their needles early. I’m still finding needles from LAST year 🙂

  2. Aw what a lovely tree! I love starting new traditions. I bet Matilda will be at the tree pulling the baubles off and in awe at the lights. I hope you enjoy the Christmas market and eat plenty of mince pies!

  3. Gorgeous tree, thanks so much for popping it on Festive Friday! We have 7 trees (I know, I know) One in each child’s bedroom, one in the upstairs corridor, one in the downstairs hallway and one in the sitting room. The sitting room tree is the ‘special’ one as it is the real one we go and get together next weekend….you get yours very early, have you got any top tips to stop needle drop?! Enjoy making your traditions, we have!

    • 7 trees eh? you must own a whole lot of tinsel and decorations! It is early but actually I believe all trees are chopped down at the same time so really you just have to decided whether it’s better spending time at the shop or home! We always buy a Nordman and make sure it is topped up with water every day.

  4. Ps…it’s Mosler (pronounced Mossler) 😉

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