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The gallery – something I’m proud of

Although it was very tempting to be a gushy dad and say how proud I am of being a dad to Matilda and soon the sprout, when I actually  thought about it I’m proud of something even more fundamental and important, that dear reader is my little boys, my swimmers, my wing men  if you like.

Those little chaps have proved that Matilda was no happy coincidence and done their stuff again. They took on that epic journey and at least one made it to the end past all the obstacles and challenges (like an episode of 41 degrees North only warmer).

So here in this week where we are prompted to provide a photo of ‘something we’re proud of’, I give you the result of my swimmers work (you didn’t think I was going to show a photo of ‘that’ did you?).

The Bean and the Sprout


  1. Lol this made me smile, of course you’re also proud of your partner for going through 9 months of hell completing the work your little swimmers started right? :p

  2. Aaah now to think you could have posted a photo of your sperms. Thanks for refraining 😉

  3. aww lovely scan photos and I guess a man feels as proud for making the babies as us women do 🙂 X

  4. Hee hee, excellent! Great scan pics to 🙂

  5. Ha!! Yep they are fab swimmers, and amazing what the end result was!

  6. olympic standard i reckon. well done you!

  7. Scan photos amaze me everytime I see one. So beautiful and special x

  8. It’s nice to get a man’s perspective on the happiness that comes with the wonder that is creating children.
    Than k goodness we didn’t get a picture of the swimmers!!

  9. What a great post, nice to get a man’s perspective on making children.

  10. HA! Congratulations on your swimmers 😉

  11. I love scan photos. Yay from your swimmers.

  12. You are such a bloke 🙂

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