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One today!

Today, unbelievably is the one year anniversary of this here blog. I know right? What WAS life like a mere year ago when this blog didn’t exist? The past year has been a blast learning about blogging and writing about most topics under the sun. I have had literally people read my blog and a few weirdos subscribe to receive every new post hot off the press (and not just my mum). I’ve written 112 posts since my first one a year ago and created 14 categories in a vain attempt to stay somewhat organised.

The past year has also been one of big change, I became a dad for the first time and changed jobs. Having a blog has been great as a way to record all these things and let my family who are dotted around the world see what is going on. It’s also given me the opportunity to discover some amazing writers and people with fascinating stories or writing styles.

Some notable highlights of the year would be (in no particular order)

  • Discovering new online communities (Britmums and Netmums for example)
  • Taking part in meme’s of many different varieties (the gallery being a firm favourite)
  • Building my twitter followers above 300
  • Becoming an official reviewer for littlestuff, in the process keeping this blog generally free of reviews but still having the occasional item arrive.
  • Going on my first blogging trip to review the new Bosch garden range.

So what next? Well it dawned on me recently that most of the blogs I enjoy reading and go back to regularly are written by people who have had some form of formal training or work experience. As someone who did Maths, Physics and Business Studies at A-level creative writing doesn’t come easy to me. So in the next year this is something I’m determined to work on.

Other than that I think it’s time to give the blog a makeover given that I haven’t really touched it since first starting. Need to somehow make it look ‘pretty’. Anyone want to offer their help then feel free? I may also attend a blogging conference or 2, Britmums live looks interesting despite the name. I’m sure I can cope being in a room full of women for a day.

So, here’s to another year of adventure, a year of change and most of all a year of laughter and happiness.

P.S. If you’d like to subscribe to this blog and double my subscribers then I shall be most appreciative. Think of it as a cyber birthday present.


  1. Happy blog birthday 🙂 is say your blog has done really well in its first year – well done. You write well and have a nice writing style.

    Not sure you need any formal training though – you’re doing fine without it.

  2. Go you! Who would have thought you, of all people, could have a successful blog?! Oh, that’s right – I did!

    Happy Blogging Birthday bud!

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