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How stupid are politicians?

After the expenses controversy you would have thought that politicians would have learned their lesson wouldn’t you? But 2 events in the past week have yet again reminded us that politicians operate in a different world to the rest of us, without common sense or proper controls.

The Secretary of State for Defence Dr Liam Fox MP

Image by Defence Images via Flickr

First we had Liam Fox (who the media seem to insist on calling Dr Fox and we all know there is only one Dr Fox in this country and runs the chart show) who thought it was ok to allow his friend Adam Werritty into the MOD. What I find really odd about this situation is that he was able to get into the MOD without any security check etc. One would assume that the MOD offices are pretty secure, if I can’t get into my quiet office in Swindon without showing my badge or signing in then it must be hard getting into the MOD.

What I find particularly amusing is that Mr Werritty carried a business card saying that he was an adviser to the Rt Hon Liam Fox MP. Is that really something to be proud of? Does he think that it will help him get business? If I was given his business card I’d think 2 things; firstly, tosser and secondly, he works with the government he must be useless.

Oliver Letwin, United Kingdom Conservative Par...

Image via Wikipedia

The second pillock politician in the news this week is Oliver Letwin (Cabinet office minister), who it turns out often spends his early mornings sat in the park working. A bit odd but nonetheless not a crime, so ok so far.

However what he does next is take all the paperwork he has read and no longer needs and throws it in the park bins. If it wasn’t for our fine tabloid media here in the UK this would have all gone unnoticed, but the good chaps at the Daily Mirror spotted the strange behaviour and decided to take a few snaps. They also ‘rescued’ the letters from the bin to stop anyone dodgy getting their hands on them, I’m sure the Russians would have been interested in his constituents complaints.

I’m sure if like me you work for a corporation you are regularly reminded about how to dispose of documents and the importance of protecting personal data. Maybe Oliver missed that course when he had his initiation day?

When are politicians going to realise that their every behaviour is scrutinised and therefore it’s even more important that they make sensible decisions? Surely it’s also time that we had senior business people running the operations that can implement the correct processes and controls so that politicians can’t make stupid decisions? Or is this just a very simplistic view of the world? This isn’t just about the Conservatives either, it’s about government as a whole and dragging them into the 21st century.

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  1. I totally agree, but I sadly doubt this will ever change. They work by different rules and although they have the power to change those rules, they work too much in their favour so why would they change them? There will be 100s more doing the same things as the two you have mentioned, but like everyone else doing something dodgy they think “nah, it won’t be me that gets caught”.

    I am sadly jaded by the whole thing.

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