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The great new zealand adventure – the last night

The last night, it feels like such a long time ago that we left the UK. We’ve seen and done some amazing things, had an awful lot of laughs and best of all simple quality time with the wee girl. No doubt I’ll reflect more on the flight home but for now I am basking in the joy of england sending the Scots home in the last game we’re watching here. I took my little brother with me and what a fabulous atmosphere. A capacity crowd and a make or break game for both teams.
IMAG0255Today was also the first time that I’ve really felt an electric atmosphere at a game. The national anthems sent shivers up my spine. Such passion on both sides and what is great about rugby you can sit next to the opposition fans and have good banter.
But now alas we must go home, it’s probably about time and I think we’re done being in a van. Fingers crossed now for the flights home.

Home we did come, flights went amazingly well, Matilda is a true superstar baby. Now reality has hit home, we have a jet lagged baby, are pretty knackered ourselves and I had the small matter of 1200 emails to welcome me back to work. But we cling to the memories, remind ourselves of what we did and where we went. We also of course have 100’s of photos that I’m slowly editing.  It was an amazing holiday and one I would do again in a heartbeat, baby and all.



  1. Found you via the Nutty Cow. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your New Zealand trip, spent some time there as a teenager, and saw a Lions test when I was a small lad.

    Shared passion for rugby, from a slightly different angle, I’m Welsh and my club team is Glaws!

    • Thanks for stopping by, it was really nice being able to blog while being there, helps capture the memories. I’ll be cheering Wales from now on, also had the foresight to back wales to win the world cup at 16-1 before they played Ireland. 1/3 odds if they come second so should be a good return in any case

  2. What a fantastic collection of stories and memories, Ben. And Ilove the irony that your daughter is called Matilda, as in the ‘enemy’s Waltzing Maltilda. She is a lucky, lucky girl – and though she won’t remember a thing, these posts will be there for her to look back on when she’s older. My Stepdaughter’s going to Oz with her dad for three weeks in a fortnight. Will try to task her with taking photos to bring back her own memories.

    • Thanks Keith, I was thinking while we were away that it would be a cool trip to do with 5-6 year olds that would remember more and be in awe of the sites. Maybe a trip for the future?
      To get Matilda to sleep I often sing waltzing Matilda to her, seems to send her off quickly, trying to escape the drone I guess 🙂

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