Mutterings of a Fool

Man, Dad, Runner, Chief dog walker

An ode to the communal shower

Oh communal shower how I love thee

With your freezing cold air and slight smell of wee

With your dribbling showers and temperature fluctuations,

Slightly too small cubicles and lighting that belongs to prior generations.

Those shared hand basins that make shaving like the krypton factor

and piped in local radio to act as a distractor

Floors as cold as the Arctic and windows that don’t quite fit,

make us wonder if we are brave enough to go for a no. 2

But use them we must, because we otherwise we’ll get all pongy

Besides I’m running out of words for this little song-y.

However when they look like this, who cares?




(Showers at the Top 10 camp site in Queenstown)


  1. Ha ! Loving your floe-try bro !

    Great photos too – looks like NZ is fun! Are you still there ?

  2. Love it! Laughed out loud at the no 2 part – my brain was way ahead of my eyes and was in full flow, so to speak. Glad you’re still having a great time.

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