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The gallery – a happy memory

As we’re travelling (have I mentioned we’re in New Zealand? Just a couple of times perhaps?) I wasn’t planning on getting involved with the gallery but then I saw someones post and what the theme was and just couldn’t resist.

These photo’s were actually taken today, this must be a first for me, but I think is absolutely perfect. Today we are in Hanmer Springs, it’s been a glorious spring day; clear blue sky, a chilly breeze, snow capped mountains all around and the icing on the cake, a thermal spa on our door step. With Matilda her usual chirpy self this morning we decided to take her to the spa and give her her first experience of swimming. She LOVES the bath, it’s her favourite time of the day and she spends the time shrieking and splashing and laughing to herself. So we hoped she would feel the same about a really big bath.

The spa is an impressive set up with a more than 10 different pools all with different temperatures and features. We found a quiet one tucked away that was relatively cool and gently stepped in. She wasn’t very sure at first, partly due to adjusting from the cold air (there was a frost last night) but she soon got into it and was splashing and smiling.

Today will stay in my memory for a long time, a perfect moment as a family with all the stresses and worries of the world forgotten. I don’t think there could be a more beautiful setting to do this in either. In fact we may just stay here. Forever.


  1. So cute! You know, my sister has something like this for Molly (9 months) as they went to Centre Parks so needed something for her – it’s awesome! She loves it and it leave you free to swim around without having to hold a baby (which would have worked for us when we went swimming had it not been for Lottie (3yrs) insisting on being carried everywhere :s)

  2. I can understand why so many people want to leave the UK to start over in NZ or Oz. Looks wonderful.

  3. So very beautiful (loving the snow capped mountains too!). Glad you’re having an amazing time (hard not too heh!). Your daughter is so cute!

  4. Phew – these are gorgeous pictures – what a brilliant time you must be having, I hope you continue to enjoy exploring and discovering together. NZ is always said to be so beautiful, this specific corner looks just great. x

  5. I love Hanmer Springs! Great pics

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