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What’s in your man bag?

BritMums is running a challenge called ‘what’s in your handbag?‘, now being the manly man that I am I clearly don’t carry a handbag, so my entry is ‘what’s in your man bag’. These are the essential items for an hour commute to work on the chauffeur driven car bus.


Name: Mutterings of a Fool


Number of children: 1

Date of photo: 26 August 2011

Contents: Laptop (aka the brick), clever phone (with slidey out keyboard for all that tweeting), headphones, 3 mobile internet dongle, highlighter for when reviewing financials, bottle of water (filled with tap water and re-used for at least 6 months), apple, tub of muesli to eat in the office for breakfast, USB stick, wallet. More often than not I will also have gym stuff and a packed lunch in there also.


  1. Interesting to see a manly man’s blokey bag. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gosh, that’s a very organised bag you have! The husband’s (laptop/backpack thingy) is stuffed full of crap!

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