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The Fools Food Heroes – July

Yes, yes I know, this is the post you have been all waiting for right? Screw the humorous musings and serious debate what you really want is posts about food, correct? Ok well true to form I have managed to do it just before the end of the month and I once again have 3 fabulous foodie firms for your reading pleasure

Thoughtful Bread Company

There is a little café called Troughs next to the canal near where we live, that just happens to be conveniently placed about half way around one of our favourite dog walks. For the princely sum of £2 this café offers unlimited toast. They simply have a couple of toasters on the side along with loaves of bread and you help yourself. So there we were eating our own body weight in bread which was amazing and it turns out that it’s made by the Thoughtful Bread company in Bath. A small company, but making bread of the finest quality. I’m not on a mission to get into Bath on one of the days they are at the market there so I can stock up the freezer.

Wiltshire Chilli farm

Now chillies aren’t really something you associate with the West of England are they? This local farm came to my attention recently as the producer of a quite staggering range of chillies. Now I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to hot food most of the time, but used correctly you have to love the almost fruity warmth of a good chilli. These guys have a great variety of chillies covering the entire Scoville scale and they can be bought either online or at a number of farmers markets. It’s quite amazing really the type of food that can be grown in England with a bit of effort and certainly a good way to cut down on food miles. They also sell chilli plants in case you fancied having a go at growing your own.

Quoins Organic Vineyard

English wine has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, potentially one of the positives of global warming, so when I discovered there was a vineyard close to me recently I was intrigued. Not only that but they have won awards from the UK Vineyards Association for the last 4 vintages. Sounds pretty impressive so I am on a mission to try some, they’ve just started opening on a Sunday for tours of the vineyard so I’m hoping to get up there this week and find out more. Wine buying in the UK has been increasing year on year, so if you have any interest in reducing food miles this is another great way to do. I shall report back later after the all important tasting.


  1. INtresting stuff, especially the wine tasting 🙂 I bought some English red form a reputable firm and was gutted to open it on Xmas day to find it was corked! How annoying, I must go back for a retry

    • I’ve had a couple of English sparklers which have been good, but have yet to try a red. Will be interesting to see if they have chosen the grapes well for the climate etc

  2. Thoughtful Bread are fantastic – and they trade at the Love Food Festivals in Bristol, I always try and make sure I stock up!

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