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If this prompt for the gallery had been a couple of months later then I would have had some awesome photo’s from our trip to New Zealand. But alas no so you’re going to just have to put up with a very cute photo of Bracken instead. When he was just 12 weeks old and a couple of days after his vaccinations that meant we could go outside we went on holiday to Padstow. Having a puppy who was our first dog meant that the holiday was most definitely an adventure, but also lots of fun. Having a puppy is a great way to start conversations with random strangers, but it also means stopping every 10 metres so that someone else can say hello to him. Not really surprising because lets be honest he is pretty cute isn’t he?


  1. Softy – you, not the dog

  2. Puppies are a great way to meet people- also to get people to visit your blog! How CUTE is he???!!! We have a springer too. She has lots of “issues” and keeps us busy- but she is the best dog ever!

    • Yes, he also has had ‘issues’ but seems to be maturing and behaving better now (he’s 16 months) although like any springer always has moments when it doesn’t matter what you shout he’ll ignore you. Plus a horrible habit of rolling in dead animals!

  3. Beyond cute. Having a puppy is definitely a great way to start random conversations with strangers but why do so many of those conversations have to start with “sorry…”? I have memories of my sister’s Springer jumping out of a muddy ditch to “greet” a woman in white trousers. Oops.

    • ah yes, ours is the friendliest dog ever and always likes to ‘greet’ people. I had one guy shout at me for it, but he was walking a dog so I reckon fair game. Was his own fault for walking in the countryside in light coloured trousers…

  4. Springers are very mad but very lovely just like their owners.

  5. oh, isn’t he delicious!!!
    We have a cocker who is often mistaken for a springer, she’s so bouncy! They are indeed an adventure!

    • ahh thanks, just checked out your little girl too, she’s a cutey. Spaniels are just great aren’t they? We’re going to get a second dog next year and are trying to decide between a cocker and a springer.

  6. A very cute dog! Babies have the same “stop and admire” effect don’t they? Never been to Padstow but it looks like quite a nice beach.

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