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Food Heroes – June

Yep folks it’s that time of the month again when I remember that I have this monthly post that I do and it’s almost the end of the month so really should do it. So here for your enjoyment are 3 more fab food companies to check out.

Shaken Oak Mustard

These guys produce mustard grown in fields less than a mile from where I grew up, when I was a child my parents bought it from the local shop which at the time was one of the few outlets. Now they have grown and are selling through a number of farm shops and the Co-Op chain throughout Oxfordshire and for those not in the area they have an online shop. These mustards are as different from Colmans as you can get, they are coarse grain, packed with flavour, herbs and also local beer! They make an excellent addition to gravy (particularly with sausages) or simply in a cheese sandwich.

Hobbs House Bakers

My first experience of bread from these wonderful bakers was in the form of a giant sandwich from their shop in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. This soon became a regular stop off point on the trips between home in Oxford and university in Bristol. They now supply a large number of farm shops and small stores throughout the South West, plus you can buy online. I also noticed that they are running bread making courses if you want to brush up on your home baking skills. I’m a big fan of their light rye sourdough, great for dipping in oil and vinegar. Also conveniently wheat free for those with an intolerance.

Goose Island brewery

My final company this week isn’t remotely local but they do brew a beer with the best name in the world. You see this beer is called Matilda! A friend spotted a bottle at a food market and bought it for me and you know what? It was tasty! (but would you have expected anything less?) I’m trying to source some more of it so if anyone happens to have seen some in this country I’d love to know.


  1. Nothing beats discovering a new beer. Cloisters in Edinburgh was fantastic pub for that (and it was just across the road from my flat – perfect staggering range). Aviator, from the Dent Brewery, was a favourite of mine. Don’t think I’ve seen it bottled, unfortunately.

    I was spoiled, though, growing up in Yorkshire a stone’s throw from both the Theakston and Black Sheep breweries.

  2. Love your food heroes page. If you get a minute, I would love to know how you create new Post pages like you have in your crossbar (About Me, Bucket LIst, Food Heroes etc). I’m on WordPress too. Any chance you could share your wisdom?

  3. i tried to get the rssFeed but it shows me some xml errors..

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