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It’s Wednesday so it is of course time for another Gallery post, this week we are stealing an idea from Simon Mayo’s show and doing 3 word gallery’s. Now I debated about posting the following photo because lets be honest people often had a negative image of fishing. But in the spirit of revealing a little about myself here it is. I love fishing and whenever I get the chance I sneak off for a few hours on the river bank or by a lake. In the time known as BC (before children) whenever the lady of the manor was on nights I’d go off night fishing. A proper boys adventure of camping by a lake with a bottle of wine and breakfast in a tin for the morning. Absolute heaven! It isn’t even really about catching fish, it’s about being in the peace and quiet and just observing the natural world. But sometimes you do actually catch a fish and occasionally it’s one like this.

So my 3 word gallery is Caught BIG fish!


  1. Yep, that’s a big fish. Is this the first in a series? Can we expect Robson Green-esque posts from around the world as you chase the elusive dream fish?

  2. That is one huge fish… hope it was tasty! (am looking forward to seeing the recipe in the near future)

    • Well, actually we don’t eat the vast majority of freshwater fish caught in the UK. In fact it’s against the law. Not that they don’t taste good, but rather a wildlife conservation effort.

  3. I know nothing about fish (apart from they taste great in batter, eaten out of newspaper), so what is that? It’s a whopper missus…

    • Well this one is a common carp, introduced by the monks way back as a source of food and the biggest species of freshwater fish in the country, Now strangely enough you’re not allowed to take them home to eat, they’re for sport only. This one weighed 20lb, the British record is 65lb!

  4. Blimey that is one big fish! And one happy fisherman! Well done 🙂

  5. Jeez that is a huge fish! I have a phobia of fish (alive obviously) so this is as close as I will ever get, but well done you!

  6. Size isn’t everything but this is mighty impressive
    I have always wanted to try fishing but my Dad only took the boys

  7. Yes, thats a big fish! Interesting about not being able to eat them. I did not know that!

  8. Oh gosh – that’s a big one!
    Did you eat it or throw it back in?

  9. OMG that is one ugly fish! I have not been fishing since I was six, when I fell in the river before my Dad could even get started. I can still remember the feeling of the water in my wellies and screaming that they were full of fish. We went straight home and I was never taken fishing again. I can only imagine Glib Girl’s reaction if we tried to introduce that as a new hobby 😉

  10. That is huowge, wow! We don’t fish with rods but me and my two girls love rock pooling in the summer. We always put them back carefully too. I can’t imagine a 65lb one of those. Blimey.

    • That still counts! There is something fascinatiing about what happens under water and also a great pleasure of having a short glimpse of the fish before returning them to their home

  11. Oh my goodness! It’s HUGE!

    Is that what all the ladies say to you?…

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