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My bucket list

I’ve seen a few people do this and you know what? I quite like. It both fits with my need to write lists and also provides some inspiration and motivation to actually DO something. It was harder than I expected to come up with lots of things and I may have cheated slightly by putting a few things that I’ve already done (gets the list going I say). But here it is, my bucket list, what do you think? If you’ve done one then please share, I think it gives quite an interesting insight into someone to see what they dream of doing.

  1. Go to New Zealand
  2. Have children
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Run an off road marathon
  5. Complete a triathlon
  6. Go to Everest base camp
  7. Sea kayak with whales
  8. Go tornado chasing in Texas
  9. Learn how to make the perfect flat white
  10. Drive a rally car
  11. Fly a helicopter
  12. Learn to surf
  13. Have grandchildren
  14. Buy our dream detached Victorian house
  15. Own a double cab pickup truck
  16. Learn to snowboard
  17. Catch a trout on the fly
  18. Own a house with a driveway
  19. Train Bracken to find truffles
  20. Go camping with my child(ren)
  21. Go on the trans-siberian express from Russia to China
  22. Start my own business
  23. Pay off a mortgage
  24. Go on an African safari
  25. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant
  26. Rear my own pigs (and eat them)
  27. Celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary
  28. Celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary
  29. Celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary
  30. Drive route 66
  31. Scuba dive on the great barrier reef
  32. Fly first class
  33. Go back to Italy to revisit our honeymoon destinations
  34. Learn to speak another language (semi) fluently
  35. Visit Machu Picchu
  36. Go trekking in Patagonia
  37. See penguins in the wild
  38. Go on a carpentry course to learn how to make furniture
  39. Own a detached house
  40. Get a job that requires commuting for less than 30 minutes
  41. Teach Matilda how to ride a bike
  42. Own a holiday home
  43. Fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter
  44. Go Salmon fishing in Scotland
  45. Catch a Tuna
  46. By a house
  47. Learn how to use my DLSR properly
  48. Buy a pair of Oliver Sweeney shoes
  49. Have a suit tailor made
  50. Live in a house with an Aga


  1. I’ve managed a few of these – 10th wedding anniversary, penguins in the wild (cheated there, saw them at Boulders Beach in Cape Town), and I grew up in a house with an Aga (a real pain to get used to cooking on but they make the kitchen wonderfully warm). I’ve safari’d in Africa (long periods of extremely dull punctuated by occasional flurries of interest and desperate fumbling with the camera), my house is both detached and in possession of a driveway (got to be some benefits to living on a rock in the north Atlantic). There’s some interesting stuff on that list, though. Have to work on mine now…

  2. I guess you aren’t constrained for space up there! It was quite a fun process writing this, some items clearly are quite simple to achieve, others hopefully will be more of an adventure. I do think you need to have some idea of your life dreams though otherwise you’ll just drift through life.

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