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Dad’s gone to Iceland

No I’m not talking about that temple of all things frozen frequented by Kerry Katona, I’m talking about the actual country. You see I’m attending the wedding of a friend who I grew up with (who is actually Icelandic, its not the latest foreign venue of choice). More significantly I’m attending on my own, we did think about taking Matilda but flights are pretty expensive and she is only 8 weeks old.

This is going to be my first nights away since she was born and to be honest not really something I’m looking forward to. In a normal week I don’t get to see much of her as I leave for work at 7am and get home at 6.30pm when she is in bed. So the weekends are precious to me and a chance to spend some quality time as a family. She is so awake and happy first thing in the morning and at the weekends I can actually spend some time playing with her.

I’ll miss her little smile with her tongue sticking out and how she sleeps on her back with her arms above her head. I may even miss changing nappies! The lady of the manor will be fine of course, she’s a complete natural at the whole being a mum thing. Plus she’ll have her mum there to help if needed. No doubt the trip is going to cost me though, I’m sure presents will get mentioned at some point….

Being a dad is more amazing that I ever thought and I don’t want to miss a second. Saying goodbye to my girls in the morning is just horrible, but unfortunately unless we win the lottery not going to work really isn’t an option is it? Not sure what the solution is here, but something has to change in the next year, I don’t want to miss Matilda growing up and all those ‘firsts’.


  1. Arlo’s dad feels much the same about trips away and missing time with him in the evening if he has to work late. Would be so lovely if no one had to think about that little thing they call ‘work’.

  2. As she gets a little older you will probably find she could go to bed a little later, that way you could do the bedtime routine when you get home and give your wife a 30 minute or so break 😀

  3. Ahhhhhhhh. So sweet! Matilda is such a lucky little girl 🙂

    You do like your job though don’t you? (I mean not as a substitute to fatherhood, just in a way as work goes kind of way)

    • Yes, I do enjoy my job as much as you can any job and although I am ambitious and want to climb the corporate ladder and all that, given a choice I would chose family every time

  4. Could you work from home one day a week or anything similar? My OH feels the same and usually hogs him in the evenings and bed time.

    • I can and I do! Infact working from home today. Which is great as I get to see so much of her, generally work from home 1 day a week. Definitely one of the better perks of the job.

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