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House rules

There is changing occurring in this fools household, a new regime is being implemented. The lady of the manor, maker of the rules and who must be obeyed has decided that all tea making paraphernalia must be emptied and washed immediately after use. Now I most definitely worship at the temple of the proper cup of tea and use a teapot each time. But my method involves leaving the tea bags and unneeded tea in the pot until I next come to use it. This also applies to cafetière, after all you want to enjoy your drink, not worry about cleaning out the pot.

However the rules have been made and we must comply, any excursion is met with ‘the look’. The one that says ‘I gave birth to your daughter, DO NOT expect me to clean the tea pot after you’. I’m sure most dad’s will have seen that one at some point. So this is the process we follow, guests included, not only that the tea pot gets a weekly deep clean in our dishwasher (did I mention we now have a dishwasher? A-MA-ZING). I believe we may now have the cleanest tea pot in Britain.

Anyway I’m putting the kettle on, who wants one?


  1. HAHAHAHA love it!! I agree with she who must be obeyed!! She went to hell and back creating a life! The least you can do Is wash up!! I’d say you and the Irish one would have a lot in common!!
    Great blog!

    • Thankfully the dishwasher has eliminated this argument, I’m pretty good at the whole cleaning thing and actually am the only one who cleans the bathroom. But something about washing up just pisses me off, maybe it’s all those part time jobs as a teenager dishwashing in restaurants…

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