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An interesting prompt this week and one inspired by the intrepid explorer that is Christine Mosler. Who on the day that this post is published will be somewhere in Mozambique following a vaccine on its journey from city to countryside for a project with Save the Children. There were a few things I thought about posting for this not least our new dishwasher that we’ve had for a week now and could very well be the reason I stay happily married for a little while longer yet.

But I decided that actually the following photo really sums up what I’m grateful for, this is the tribe from youngest (Matilda at 5 weeks) to oldest (Nan at 87), 4 generations in one place. I don’t have a large extended family with only 1 grandparent left and no cousins, but my immediate family is big and expanding. I’m one of 5 children (4 boys) and there are now 3 grandchildren. The only person missing from this photo is one of my younger brothers who lives in New Zealand. Family may often annoy you, frustrate you and eat all your food but I love having a big family, even more so now that we too are becoming parents. So ladies and gentlemen I give you the fool’s family:


  1. This is a lovely photo…one of my most precious photos is one of my gran, my mum, myself and my eldest daughter when she was about 6 weeks old….it is the only one I have of all four generations of my side of our family and I will treasure it forever, especially as sadly I now have no remaining grandparents. I am so glad that at least one of my grandparents met one of my children

  2. such a lovely photo, did have to scan round to find Matilda though haha

  3. Wow! That is a large immediate family! And might I say, a rather large spaniel too! 😀 xX

  4. A great picture of sheer togetherness

  5. Good that you included the dog in the family pic and yes wonderful to celebrate families of different generations

  6. Families are great and big families have a lovely chaotic feel that I think makes things even better! It’s a really happy photo.

  7. Fab photo! I love being part of a large family too, although we dont all get together as much as we used to. Photos like this are precious!

  8. lovely photo 🙂 family is an amazing thing

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