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Daddy’s little olympic swim champion, AKA the first bath

Matilda was 4 weeks old on Friday last week so we decided it was really time that she had a proper wash. To be honest there was starting to be a little bit of an ‘odour’ floating around. However we did want to wait until she was a month old so as not to get rid of those good natural oils on her skin. So Sunday was designated bath day and we assembled everything ready to operate like a well trained formula 1 pit crew. Rather than try to bend over the edge of the bath we decided to make use of the kitchen sink for the time being. Which has the added advantage of being much more ergonomically correct.

DSC_0024The lady of the manor is somewhat of an expert in these things being a children’s nurse so I was most definitely Robin to her Batman. I behaved like a good student and did what I was told without questioning it. Matilda appeared to enjoy it after an initial screaming fit and had a bit of a splash around.

The lady of the manor enjoyed it tremendously and you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. We’ve now made this a part of the evening routine in the hope to start moving towards some sort of structured bed time process. No expectation that it’ll happen any time soon but it’s good to at least start now.

The only downside of all this is that even if I’m on time leaving work I only just make it home for bath time. But that’s the compromise we made to live where we do and for me to stick with a company where I’m doing ok. I think we’re just going to have to make Sunday mornings daddy time. The lady of the manor can have a lie in while I take my little girl out or just sit and eat breakfast with her when she’s older.

So now she’s had a bath I reckon a swim is next don’t you? Then maybe a spot of surfing in the summer?


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  1. She is so adorable , love that last pic!

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