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Helplessly in control

So here we are, parents. A little girl dependent on us to provide for her, trusting us to look after her and know what she needs. Parents who should know what’s best, know what is wrong when she cries and fix it, know how to make her laugh when she’s sad, know how to comfort her and protect her when she’s scared.

First time parents, yet needing to be an expert from day 1. Expert in putting a nappy on, in bathing and cleaning, in knowing which cry means food and which means change my nappy, in doing up a babygrow and in mixing formula.

We’re the adults so we should be control right, making the decisions, deciding when to sleep and when to eat. But we’re not, this little girl dictates the day. She decides when we can have rest, whether we can go out for the day, when she wants a cuddle. She’s the boss and if you do it wrong you know it.

But we’re learning, every day a new lesson, every day discovering something new about her, everyday noticing her growing and changing, As each day passes we gradually restore order and routine and find new ways to live our lives now that we are a family. We may sleep less and drink more, but so far we’re loving every minute and have the photo’s to prove it.


  1. She is a very lucky girl to have such caring parents who love their role so much……although something tells me the soundtrack to her teenage years is going to be prodominantly ‘Daaaaaaad, you’re so embarrassing’!

  2. What an adventure eh?! Sounds like you are doing really well 🙂 x

  3. Yep all one big adjustment and a huge learning curve but well worth it.
    Funny how they can tell you what to do and control your life before they can even speak!!

  4. Don’t worry about being an expert from day 1. No-one is. You just have to be open to learning about your little one, what she needs and when she needs it. When she is a bit older, you’ll be able to guide her routine a bit more but for now, just go with her, do your best and don’t put pressure on yourself to be a perfect parent. There is no such thing.

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