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My last post was about ‘tomorrow’ and would you believe it tomorrow came! On Friday 15th April Matilda Rose was born; the wait was over and we finally got to meet the bean. The week since she was born has passed in some what of a blur of visitors, sleepless nights and nappy changes. So this is the first time I’ve felt like I had time to sit down and pin down some of those thoughts flying around my head. Now’s the time to take stock and reflect on our first pregnancy, our first labour and of course our first week as parents.

If there is one word that can describe my feelings during labour and those first few hours it is awestruck. As I sat holding Matilda for the first time in the delivery suite I was lost for words, in awe of this little girl who only a few hours ago was curled up inside the lady of the manor. Yet now here she was holding her daddy’s finger in her little hands and sleeping quietly. This perfect little person with beautiful fair hair and big blue eyes, wrapped up and protected from the world for a little while longer at least by an already over protective dad. Any prospective boyfriends in the future are going to be grilled….

The lady of the manor was truly amazing throughout the labour; despite having contractions for 48 hours and very little sleep she delivered our little bundle in 3 hours once ‘official’ labour had started. She used only gas and air to help her and just breathed her way through the rest. It is a strange feeling to watch someone you love go through so much pain and effort without being able to share the burden. I of course dutifully supplied drinks and food as needed along with words of encouragement, but a man is supposed to provide and protect his wife, however all you can do is watch. The reward of course is worth it, everything forgotten the second that little red, screaming baby is delivered to you for the first cuddle.

So here I am, a very proud daddy to a beautiful little girl, learning something new everyday, trying to provide a happy and peaceful home where the biggest worry is running out of milk.

Welcome to the world Matilda, it’s going to be one hell of an adventure

Matilda just born


  1. Beautiful – both the writing and Matilda 🙂

  2. So sweet!! Can’t wait to see more pics of her! xx

  3. Congratulations! One hell of an adventure is right!

  4. Beautiful post and congratulations to the family.
    Any tips for a guy who in August will go through the same thing? I Can’t wait!

    • My 2 pieces of advice would be firstly get informed about what can happen during the labour so that you can be strong for your partner when decisions need to be made and secondly try and stay calm and relaxed then your partner and wife will be also (that’s the theory anyway). Good luck!

  5. Oh, Beautiful girl! Welcome Matilda. And congratulations to you both (though eversoslightly bigger ones to the Lady of the Manor – First baby, 3hrs and just gas and air? *bows in awe*). Much love from both of us xxx

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