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The Gallery – tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day that the Bean will be born; tomorrow the ever changing point in the future, almost here but not quite. So we wait with excitement, with trepidation, with anticipation, with worry. Not quite sure when tomorrow will come, not knowing what tomorrow will feel like or how it will change us.

But the bags are packed and we are ready for when tomorrow comes.


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  1. How I remember those last nervous days always think when I woke up will today be the day.

    Just remember only 5% of babies are born on their due date 🙂

    Make sure you have read my Do’s and Donts of labour over on my blog, will keep you out of trouble and some final thoughts on being supportive partner. Although from reading your entries you are going to be great.

  2. Love it! Beautifully written and showcased – hoping tomorrow comes soon for the four of you 🙂

  3. All the very best for ‘tomorrow’!!!

  4. Oh I so remember that feeling – all the best lovely x

  5. Ooooh exciting – hope all goes well xx

  6. SQUEE!! how exciting! hope all goes well 🙂

  7. Exciting, challenging and joyful tomorrows heading your way. Good Luck on all fronts.
    I so remember that feeling when your bags are packed and you are in limbo waiting for the new tomorrow. My attempt is over at

  8. How exciting- I was where you were 15 weeks ago but I knew when she was coming as she was born by c-section. Good luck x

  9. oh, whoopeee… a new baby… an ever radiant possibility who will show you this beautiful world that we live on through eyes anew… how exciting… enjoy every moment of this new life

  10. Oh how lovely. Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that we were in that position too!

  11. oh, so flippin close now! Perfect post – I so remember that terrified excitement…

  12. I hope yesterday was the tommorrow! if not today be your tommorrow. I hate waiting, really impatient when it’s important stuff. But come on it’s been 9 ‘slow’ months right…what’s another day?

    Whenever tommorrow comes may it be a smooth one, it’ll definetly be filled with joy 🙂

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