For March’s installment of food heroes I have 3 more fine food companies for you, as ever these are companies that are a regular feature in our household and ones that you really do have to check out.

Box Steam Brewery

Tunnel Vision 9 Gallon Cask

You may notice a theme starting in these food posts – beer. The UK really does have some great small breweries and thankfully have become fashionable again. We really should celebrate them and there is nothing I enjoy more than discovering a new one. When we moved to Wiltshire last year we came across these guys based in the pretty village of Box, famous for its rather long tunnel. The beer is sold in a few of our favourite pubs that are conveniently placed on good dog walks. The Golden Bolt is a perfect light, summer beer with citrus flavours, while Funnel Blower is a much darker malty beer. The beer can be ordered from their website in bottles or casks.

The Real Olive Company

I have to be honest, this one isn’t a favourite of mine, but rather the lady of the manor. She LOVES olives and this company based in Bristol sell some of the best. They have a regular market stall in St. Nicholas market in Bristol and also attend some of the farmers markets. They also have a shop and a very nice restaurant that has a fabulous location right on the harbour in Bristol. They sell every type of Olive you could ever wish for along with other tapas style delicacies such as stuffed vine leaves. If you’re a real addict you can also order them wholesale….

Yeo Valley

Ok, I know these aren’t exactly a small, unknown company but I love them. They are in fact local to me and represent everything that a good food company should be. They produce fabulous tasting products, they care about how the food is produced and they try to give something back to the community. My favourite are the Greek Style yoghurt with honey, in fact I have one every day on muesli in the morning.  They also have a rather fab website so go check it out!