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It’s wine, but not as we know it

Amazingly this blog has been going 5 months and I don’t think I have mentioned wine! Given that this is one the topic areas I planned to write about it’s a little shocking, so here in all it’s glory is a wine blog:

Today was a big day, big decisions were made and I put my money where my mouth is. You see today I purchased wine for the first time en primeur, that is buying wine while still in the barrel, before you really know if its good or not. I didn’t spend a fortune (only 3 digit’s) but I did buy wine that I haven’t seen or tasted and I won’t set eyes on the bottles for at least 3 years. It’ll stay in a nice cool warehouse until such a time that I want to try some. Sounds a little crazy I know. But I do love wine and as you may have gathered from previous posts I have a love of most things gastronomic and if you like good food chances are at some point you will begin enjoying the occasional glass of wine with it.

There are few things as satisfying as drinking a few glasses of wine in the evening and getting that warm, fuzzy feeling. At home I rarely drink anything but wine, well maybe the odd tumbler of whisky on the rocks (Glenturret mmmmm), but I digress. I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert on wine, I know what I like; generally it’s red in colour, more often than not its new world, if push came to shove then the label most likely says New Zealand and Pinot Noir on it.

Fortunately though, I have a brother who is the wine trade, he works in the fine wine department of a certain wine merchant that has been around for just a few hundred years. This means I have a free wine advice service whenever I need to match wine to food etc, it also means getting the inside info on new wines as they come in.

Right now the wines from 2009 for the Rhone region of France are just being released. This offer somewhat better value than the better known wines of Bordeaux and even Burgundy. Which is good because I really can’t justify £3,000+ for a case that is needed for the top wines in those regions. By all accounts 2009 was a good year for the Rhone wines and hopefully this purchase will be very tasty in a few years time. For now I just have to play the waiting game until I can sample my wares. But I would like it to be the start of a collection; I’m not interested in buying for investment, it’s all about the drinking. But now that I’m in a position to enjoy this luxury a little I do like the idea of building up a cellar of wine to enjoy as our family grows. If 2011 is a good vintage then I will of course have to buy something to celebrate the bean being born!

P.S. In case you’re interested the best of the selection is the 2009 St Joseph, Silice. 91 points from Mr Parker no less.



  1. Wine is my main tipple too. I love a good red – oddly, being from NZ, my faves are rich Oz Cabernet Sauvignon / Grenache blends – but they give me heartburn, unfortunately. My fave is a good fruity, tangy NZ Sauvignon Blanc. Cloudy Bay: divine 🙂

    £3K for a case? Ouch!

    • I would agree on Cloudy Bay, an excellent wine. We’re heading out to NZ in September so I’m looking forward to sampling some of my favourites and discovering some new ones!

  2. Excellent! Where are you going, if you don’t mind my asking? When we were last there (2008) we enjoyed the local Riesling, surprisingly (Teachers was a good one, if I remember rightly)

    • Everywhere is the most accurate answer! We’re going out for the Rugby world cup, we have tickets for England’s group matches so will be in Christchurch (for now at least ), Dunedin and Auckland. We have a camper van booked for the whole time and have just over 3 weeks there.
      Any recommendations on places to visit or wines to drink?

  3. I’m not jealous at all…

    Banks Peninsula near Christchurch is well worth a drive around & over, Akaroa there is a beautiful little place. The well developed hot springs north of Christchurch are a great attraction too. I’m Christchurch born & raised & my Mum’s from Dunedin: the countryside between the 2 is often spectacular. The main coastal route is great but there are also scenic drives further inland. Mount Cook / Aoraki & the Lakes – especially Tekapo & Pukaki – are stunning. A must see down south is Fiordland, some of the world’s greatest scenery, IMO. The Te Anau – Milford road is a great drive. If you get time a cruise in 1 of the ‘Sounds’ (actually Fjords) is well worth it. The main tourist attraction there is Queenstown, nestled between the beautiful Lake Wakatipu & the spectacular ‘Remarkables’ mountains.

    Up north the thermal area of Rotorua, Lake Taupo & Mount Ruapehu (an active volcano) are great attractions.

    I don’t really have any further wine recommendations apart from the above; last time I was there I was only in & between Chrictchurch & Dunedin.


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