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The Gallery – expressions

Another week, another gallery prompt, our challenge this week from Tara over at Sticky Fingers was to take a photo based on the prompt of expressions.

This photo was taken at the weekend on my phone (so excuse the quality), my wifes lovely uncle had come down for the day to wallpaper 2 walls in the nursery. Putting wallpaper up really is an art so I’m more than happy to let someone ‘volunteer’ to help (got to let the family get involved with the Bean somehow right?!). Well he’d just finished and the lady of the manor went into see it for the first time so I of course asked her to pose.

Now you may be thinking that the expression I’ve gone for is a smile or happiness, but you’d be wrong. Her expression is actually “this wallpaper is beautiful, but oh my god this means that I actually have to give birth in the near future, arrgggghhhh”

Bean and wallpaper

P.S. I’ve blogged about it before, but in case you’re interested the wallpaper is part of the Quentin Blake collection from Osbourne & Little


  1. That wallpaper is fabulous, and your wife looks positively blooming! Emma

  2. That wallpaper is amazing and, as Emma said, your Lady of the Manor looks blooming!

  3. Gorgeous – with some much more meaning than just a picture

  4. Very funky wallpaper! Wow! What a dream for a new baby room! 😉


  5. Haha I can imagine – poor her!! Lovely paper 🙂

  6. I love that wallpaper! You’ll have to do an ‘after’ shot.

  7. Funky wallpaper!

    Loving the fact that you are clearly adept at translating your wife’s facial expression – keep that up and you won’t go far wrong 🙂

  8. I remember that feeling when I saw our newly painted nursery for the first time. Scary stuff!
    Love the wall paper though, and good luck to your wife for the birth thing 🙂

  9. Oh she looks gorgeous. The wallpaper’s nice too!

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