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Male pregnancy hormones?

I’m not an emotional person, I am the Ying to my wife’s ‘I even cry at Neighbours’ Yang, I don’t get overly excited or hyper and definitely don’t get depressed. The lady of the manor and I are a good balance in this regard, until now.

I find myself welling up at the silliest things, be it happy or sad, real or fiction. Show me a dog looking sad a tear forms, same with reading stories about disadvantaged children or hearing my wife tell me about children she has looked after (she’s a nurse). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a blubbering mess or planning on curling up on the sofa to watch sleepless in Seattle. But still it’s worrying.

You hear of men getting fat bellies when their wives are pregnant in some sort of sympathy (bet a man thought up that excuse!). Given that I run every day I have no chance of doing that so do I have sympathy hormones instead?! Or is this just my brain preparing me for the worry to come once I’m a dad? Any other guys out there experience this?

There is potentially a serious side effect of this though, today I found myself looking at the Bath Cats and Dogs home website. God help us if I ever actually visit that place, those dogs are so beautiful and just need a good home to go to. There is a serious danger that wifey will come home one day to find the house full of dogs! I know where we’re definitely getting our next dog from though, next year hopefully we can get a buddy for the brackster, sure he’d love that.

In the mean time I plan to occupy myself with some many activities such as hammering, sawing and measuring stuff with a tape measure. I leave you with a new photo of Bracken who comes back from every walk looking like this…..


  1. “You hear of men getting fat bellies when their wives are pregnant in some sort of sympathy”. I was that man!

    I don’t remember is so much from when my wife was pregnant, but I’m definitely more sensitive since becoming a Dad. I think if you’re going to be a hands-on Dad you have to be.

    Children definitely change you!

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